Why is it that *nix systems are are so easy to learn with many different tiers of difficulty, but Fpgas (Xilinx) has no actually useful documentation or any tiers of difficulty, it just goes from 0 to 60 instantly. I have to use Xilinx at work and even after taking two FPGA classes at my uni, I’m lost… plz help me

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I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

Mark my words, the industrial military complex will take over the world with cyborg apes using brain computer interfaces from nueralink

echo “$(< README.md)”

Is it more convenient? No. Is it efficient? Yes 😎


Prediction (youtu.be/C8yE3FnLdyc)

Metaverse will fail but the hardware and software tools developed for it will lead to an open-source universal VR web protocol like http or something?

Imagine if one company tried to own/facilitate the whole internet at its infancy, too difficult for one organization I’d think…


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I had no idea it was possible to fit so many puns and dad jokes into 2 minutes and 16 seconds. This is *terrible* by which I mean the kind of terrible I have to share with everyone.

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Can’t use vim cause my wrist is sprained 😩😭

At work I was trying to do async requests to our backend and no matter what I tried it was still linear time… but it worked on example websites

And then I realized our backend isn’t multithreaded and only could process once request at a time 😂

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How can I learn abt Linux kernel dev and how to contribute? I’m going to be a college soph. in CompE thanks!

I had to take my m1 Mac into the shop today because I tried a fresh Big Sur install and it wouldn’t let me create a new user... they had to reset the t2 chip 😂 god damnit Apple ur hardware is finally good but a thinkpad is looking pretty good rn

Ok docker is so nice and I’m glad I just found out abt it, cuz otherwise I wouldn’t have bought the m1, but as soon as I needed it they came out w the insider preview 😅

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Waiting for Trump to make Mastodonald instance.

Just finished configuring coc.nvim for c and cpp dev and I've never been more satisfied. vim >>>> vscode 🤮


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