i feel like fedi is comprised only of transfem catgirls in their early 20s who like using linux and hate capitalism and middle aged men who collect guns and hate the government

there is no in between Are middle-aged transfem catgirls who like using Linux allowed? Hating capitalism was the secret to eternal youth all along

@mjdxp I love FOSS, Linux, guns, and dislike the current 2 party system in the US.

@hyperactiv this is just turning into an introduction thread oh no

@mjdxp I’m a femboy in my late twenties using Apple products and hating capitalism

@mjdxp I’m in the between. Middle aged man, doesn’t collect guns. Despise the government but don’t hate it.

@mjdxp online, most of the time it's not the majority that it's most vocal, but rather statistically divergent minorities. you're correct that there's a lot of people that fit into your description, but I have doubt they are the majority

@mjdxp late twenties but yeah I definitely need to get some cat ears for my work calls :heart_trans:

@mjdxp you mean middle aged gun-collecting government-haters, and future middle aged gun-collecting government-haters

@mjdxp there are others of us out there! I promise! :whome:

Still better than twitter. :lul:

@mjdxp Haven't quite figured out if I'm transfem yet but I am 100% a catgirl in my early 20s who likes using Linux and hates capitalism

@mjdxp what if I'm a nearly middle aged catboy who likes using macos and linux and hates guns and collects from the government?

@mjdxp what about the transmasc enbies in their early 20s who hate capitalism and the government?

@mjdxp I guess I'll have to be transfem then, I see no guns around me :p

@mjdxp not true! I'm a late 30s transfem ratgirl who uses Linux and hates capitalism and the government

@mjdxp im high-aged man who collecys explosives and hate the governet


This is pretty much my experience.

What a strange place...

@mjdxp why can't you be both (aside from the age and gender stuff)

@mjdxp hi, I'm the in between, kinda, cis catboy Linux user, and sometimes like nerding out about war time guns

Nah, there’s also some linux-loving anticapitalist doggo furries in their 20s here, I’m sure.

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