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honestly i think wario's probably my favorite character in all of fiction, he just has so much personality, he feels like the kind of guy you'd want to get drinks with

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Cop bullshit, specifically Tennessee cops 

So apparently the bastards in TN have a “blue alert” system that they’ve just started using again that they send alerts through the public safety system (you know, that’s meant to warn people about danger relevant to them) whenever a cop gets shot.

I was trying to take a shit and this blares on my phone. Apparently they also set the severity higher than literal inclement weather warnings.

if someone gave me a cheaply made deltarune valentines day card which said "i'd eat moss together with you" i'd marry them on the spot

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i figured out a way to hide girl clothes from my parents who don't let me have any privacy

if i get any, i'm gonna hide them inside an old computer i have that doesn't work, they could never figure out how to get in there

i just fully unconsciously went and got a box of food from the kitchen

hello, based department?


it's for you

when you're blind and you get to the regi puzzles in pokemon ruby and sapphire

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At risk of overwhelming my profile with the Good Poppy Content, please be aware it's gremlin o'clock:

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god i can't wait for this week to be over

it's tuesday

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i feel like i could post anything and there'd be that one person just like "hell yea i'm gonna favorite this shit!"

don't worry, i'm not a lizard like zuckerberg, i'm more like a little snake wearing a hat

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confession: i'm a reptile, as in i need to bask in the sun to increase my body temperature

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