Interested in design and marketing? LibreOffice 7.0's branding was made by Bayu Rizaldhan Rayes from our awesome community – and now we have a 3D Blender model as well thanks to Barbara Tostes. Join us and contribute your ideas and feedback:

@libreoffice Other menu alternatives as Android hided and vertical ones and a LO android version - collabora has one - would be great for further versions.


@libreoffice I am not a designer, I wrote you about this idea of an optional vertical one row finger friendly menu with ideograms and nested menus of 3x3 windows 8 +1 back ideograms - icons with optional subtitle - and one of the guys in the mail list found it interesting.

It was even before actual Android modern design that is not exactly that, but it is finger friendly.

I still think, high space is of more value and menus should be put in vertical at the other side where Gnome menu is

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