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Almost PhD in economics (international & tourism) studying productivity related to deep ICT use and FOSS.

Manjaro user, but testing some other as Arco or Deepin that I use as backup.

Interested in IP/PBX FOSS as Asterisk+Kamailio and enterprise software as Twiki or Apache offbizz, Casandra and others.

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Remember when the Web was more than "five giant sites, filled with screengrabs from the other four?" (h/t @tveastman). The EU's new Digital Markets Act proposal wants to bring back all that lost diversity. #DMA

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"I believe clown computing was devised as a way to decommoditise high-end computing by jacking up hardware prices so the only way for many smaller companies to be able to afford it anymore would be to rent computing capacity" -psydroid at #techrights
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I don’t doubt that Apple’s new MacBook is a technological marvel. As they now make the OS, CPU and GPU, I believe their claims of much improved performance while also using less energy.


It seems to me like the software is going to be even more closed than before. Now you can’t even install Windows or Linux on their computer anymore. And it seems like Apple will be able to prevent you from installing an app they don’t want you to install.

I want that computer, made by someone else.

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Apple is about to take "walled garden" to astronomical level. everything inside a closed chip. no expandable ram, no expandable storage, with the difference between "air" and "pro" being battery life an a touch bar. Total control. Control of everything you do, and run, on your computer. Advice.....
RUN. Get out while you still can!!

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Pardon me, but all the noise about the new Apple M1 chip and it's performance is quite unbelievable. I found a Geekbench test where the A14X chip is pitted against an i9 Macbook and the Apple chip beats it. Apparently it even beats my AMD 3700X in single thread performance (as if). I find it hard to believe that Intel is doing such a bad job, that Apple can overtake them with an ARM based chip in performance.

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The @opensuse + @libreoffice Conference featured a talk about that provided several insights about a video conferencing systems. Bandwidth, video and audio quality can all be complex. Find out how simplifies the complexity.

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Not log ago, I thought that the whole NAZI thing was fading away.
I didn't give it much thought. Perhaps a few old misguided rednecks hanging out at their still in the backwoods recalling the days of their youth swapping stories of the cousins they kissed... etc...

But NoOOoo. It's whack-a-asshole all over again.

So.. What was the point of that war we fought in the 40's?

I find it a disgrace to forget what what the fallen were fighting for.

Freedom And Liberty for ALL!

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US politics 

Someone must be an ass or idiot to lost a re-election in the USA. Trump is close to be the 5th president in the history to achieve that such of anti record.

The last President who could not achieve the re-election was George H. W. Bush (1989 - 1993), he lost against Bill Clinton.

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Avoid #Chuwi and their #CoreBox ... shameless #microsoft boosters. I wonder if (or how much) Microsoft paid them to abandon #gnu #linux as option. There's precedence from the criminals at Microsoft (yes, bribery).
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Hi, I wanna share a tip that I found for all Spanish speakers trying to put an ñ or some written accent in English encoded keyboard:
Hola, quiero compartir un tip que encontré para todos los hispanohablantes tratando de poner una ñ o algún acento escrito en el teclado codificado en inglés:

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I've just received the , tried ubports, and it is not even capable of login to youtube with its browser.
Tried , that let me install even chromium that does not work, but phosh configuration is not polished yet - for instance not for kodi -.

I write you to ask if you have found some image /DE that works fine.

thanks in advance.


Thanks and congratulations, I am enjoying your in my more than the Ubports preinstalled one.

BUT ...
1.- Your image is outdated - one update, and it was just downloaded -

2.- The portrait mode is backwards the keyboard, or I did not find the way, if there is other, to change it.

3.- I do not find the way, not even from terminal to change username and password - the settings also do not work -

PS: running from 64Gb SD card.

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For the folks who run and are also experienced or at least knowledgeable of , what are the things that attracted you and/or keep you on Void? Lack of Systemd? The package manager? Arch not anti-cool enough anymore?

Do you miss the AUR?

I'm not going to argue anyone's opinion. I am curious to hear.

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October News Update:

- New Pine Store

- & LCD shortages

- @ManjaroLinux CE box + image

- PinePhone Qi charging, NFC & keyboard

- AI module-call to action

- IP camera now available+ more lenses coming

- progress & more

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