It's the dream of every geeky child to use The Force, now you actually can! Myself and some friends made a programing language out of Star Wars quotes. Let me know what you think!

Hello Mastodon! I'm re-starting my (slightly convoluted) journey here, and hope other folks will enjoy my thoughts, helped by my posts, or just find it fun.

Read my plans for world domination here:

@carl This is absolutely awesome! I've been thinking about something like this for a bit, but never got around to implementing it. Thank you!

@codeLilac Yeah that can be frustrating. Something I figured out was that you can actually just search for someone via the web client (type in something like "@mirdaki") and follow them from their

@GoatsLive Hello! I'll be a little disappointed if we can't program directly from our brains by then haha


Hello @moonspark! I'm also new to Mastodon, so still getting used to it myself.

What is your favorite (or current if it's hard to choose) class to play? I usually go with clerics, because no one else wants to be a healer haha

Hey! The Open Source Club ( primarily works on projects students come up with (Discord bots, websites, replacements for student/teacher software, etc). It's mostly programming, but we do have some artist for a video game.

We also have meetings to teach people about different open source technologies (Linux, Docker, Rust, etc).

The goal is we get students comfortable working on open source projects, so they can go on to contribute to other ones.

That's awesome! I've been considering getting a Mythosaur skull tattoo (maybe with a circuit-y design)

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