Well time,

Hello everyone! I'm a soon to be graduating Computer Engineering student. I started an club at my school, which I'm still very involved with. Love , , and (most) things .

Feel free to come by and chat!

@mirdaki welcome to —based on that intro, it sounds like you'll fit right in!

@mirdaki welcome to the fediverse! I'm a big #StarWars fan too. Even have a mythosaur skull tattooed on my shoulder :P

That's awesome! I've been considering getting a Mythosaur skull tattoo (maybe with a circuit-y design)

@mirdaki Nice! Mine's a bit plain at the moment as I came decide what to do for the backdrop :P

@mirdaki Congratulations! I've been doing it since paper tape and punch cards. Who knows what it will be like in 40 years for you!

@GoatsLive Hello! I'll be a little disappointed if we can't program directly from our brains by then haha

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