My son is amazed that an eight year laptop can run so smoothly as he completes his school work. He definitely likes Manjaro and the KDE environment. I think it is important he experiences free open source software and what tasks can be completed on a Linux machine.

Lol he should know that Linux can run on a toaster.

@rudolf @minimlr
I wouldn't be surprised if Linux can run on a pregnancy tester. I mean it is possible to run doom So Y not? :ac_laughter:

You are right, there is a Linux IDE, but it doesn't run linux.

But then take this one. It runs linux. And penetration testing a dildo with a camera ... :)

@person It just has the right balance of polish and performance.

@person @minimlr yeah i would’ve expected at least a de like xfce. that’s pretty impressive.

@minimlr Endless possibilities with it. Compare to proprietary corporate monopolized garbage that they feed to other people😠

@minimlr that’s so cool! My dad introduced me to Linux just like that, gave me a CD-R with Knoppix on it and showed me how to live boot from it. Had just used windows up to that point, it was such an eye opener!

What did he believe folks used 8 years ago? Pencils?

I did my school stuff on 8-bit, 4 Mhz, 64 KB :)

(Between KB and GB there is MB)

@rudolf With the size of the laptop compared to laptops today, it is a beast. He didn’t think computers could be so old and fast.

I bought a 13 years old laptop from a relative for 20$ and installed Debian on it. Slow memory, CPU and HDD struggle even under Mate. But it is usable for web surfing up to 3 tabs.

@minimlr My 10 year old laptop is running the latest Fedora 33 just fine. Since I replaces its mechanical hard drive with an SSD, practically the biggest difference I notice using it compared to my much nicer newer laptop is the quality of the screen.

@be I put a SSD in my laptop too. I want to buy a new laptop but I might wait until the AMD Ryzen 5000 series laptops come out before I make the decision.

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