There’s no torrent available from Manjaro’s website but I managed to find an ISO download in Germany with a speed of 5.5MB/sec. much better but not perfect. Thanks for the help guys.

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All I wanted to do was download the latest version of Manjaro XFCE. This is my fifth attempt of downloading the ISO. Is anyone else having the same issue?

I don’t know I feel about this one 🤔

Having witnessed the devastation caused by online bullies towards a teenager, I’m not starting to think it might deter others from saying things they wouldn’t in person. On the other hand, companies and the government could take advantage of the data.

Should full ID be required to create an online account?

Antstream is the best gaming service I’ve used in a long time. And yes, it works on Linux.

Today’s tweet by Burger King just proves the people the bird site don’t read the whole (even if explained in further detail). Five words has caused so much drama on International Women’s day.

This is the only thing I was missing in XFCE. Hope it is compatible with 4.16 as I'm going to rely on it to switch back to XFCE.

Docklike Plugin --

So, a friend messaged me to say is trending right now because Twitter is introducing a paid part of their service. The exaggeration coming from that platform never surprises me.

I went back to using Windows 10 tonight to help someone with a video project. Windows 10 is bloated and slow. It made me really appreciate how efficient Linux can be compared to other OS platforms out there.

Manjaro KDE hooked up to TV to play on Google Stadia. Xbox one on the other side as a backup. 😂

Waiting on dependencies? What for? No idea why is taking so long to remove this packages 😞

It's been a while since I last posted a blog. It has been one month of using Manjaro KDE. This is my daily driver and the longest I've stayed with Linux.

Day 6 of

Thanks for the input guys. I know of the HiddenWasp malware threat but that appears to be from manually installing code in terminal. I like to say I am very choosy where I get my software from.

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Does anyone have anti-virus installed on their Linux setup? I was thinking about adding ClamTk.

I’ve reverted back to Manjaro KDE from Garuda Linux because I couldn’t cope with the lag and constant fans kicking in. Garuda is a lovely Arch distro but the most practical for older laptops.

Today could be the day that the general public see Facebook for what it is. I refuse to go on a bird-themed platform but I believe is trending. Even 5% of users deleting their account is a big deal. It’s been over three months since I deleted everything Facebook owned from my life. I’m still alive and I have a social life.

Does anyone know how to install Python Idle3 and pygames on Manjaro KDE? It was quite simple on Ubuntu/Debian based distros but I am unsure on Arch.

Thanks in advance.

I think this is the longest I've kept with a Linux distro. Loving the customisation of Manjaro KDE.

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