- Added support for showing attached objects whilst in first person mode
- ContentDB: Automatic dependency resolution, update all, and download queues
- Improved input binding, allows changing mouse bindings
- Loads of formspec/GUI improvements, including 3D models, more styling and optimisations
- Many bug fixes including several security patches

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Neue Anleitung erstellt: Breakout-Räume bauen mit mesecons
Minetest lässt sich hervorragend nutzen, um unterschiedlich anspruchsvolle Rätselräume zu bauen, die man ähnlich wie bei einem Escape- oder Breakout-Game nur verlassen kann, wenn man das richtige Lösung
#Anleitungen #Schule ##gamebasedlearning ##minetest #breakout #breakoutedu #EscapeGame
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is now in feature freeze for the 5.4.0 release. This is a period of typically 1 week before the release where only bug fixes and essential maintenance is permitted.

You can help by testing the release candidate or by translating Minetest


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You think you're able to go pew pew? 🔫 You think you have two friends? Your Saturday nights suck because of a pandemic in progress and you're dead tired of watching stuff on TorrEhmNetflix? Good, then you're the person for us! 👏

❓ 8 teams of 3 players each. Direct elimination
🗺 Station2
🗓 Saturday 13th February
🕑 21:00 , GMT+1

✍️ Applications: join the minetest-aes Matrix community, tell us who your team is or look for people to team up with there (you need a client like Element)


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⚔️ Aaaaand... we finally have a DEATHMATCH! ⚔️

Time to shoot people around in the map I made for the occasion: Neden 1. (that was a lot of work, not gonna lie 🐑)

C'mon, join A.E.S. on Minetest and get ready to fire. Pew pew 💆‍♀️

#minetest #gamedev #voxelart #mastoart

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Tür 2 im Minetest-Adventskalender: eddieolis Bar
Alle vermissen es, hier ist es möglich: in einer gemütlichen, vorweihnachtlich geschmückten Bar sitzen, Glühwein oder Kinderpunsch trinken und das Leben genießen. eddieoli hat uns diese Bar gebaut und nebendran kann man gleich ein ganz besonderes Abenteuer erleben:
#Adventskalender ##minetest #Bar #Glühwein
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is 10 years old! It was first released publicly on the 10/October/2010. Here's to 10 years more.

You can download the first version from here, it's a Windows executable but works well in wine: packages.8dromeda.net/minetest

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Today we're looking at the cartographer mod for which lets you create maps of the world.

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My simple mod, headanim, is now on ContentDB!
I've also fixed the head floating off the rest of the body.


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Didn't have notifications set up properly so I didn't see my message about (s)

I make content for and have some other random projects.

I've been a steady participant in for the past couple years.

The languages I'm the most familiar with are C, Lua, and Javascript.

I'm also completely new to social media like this. Enjoy

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Oh boy I don't update this profile so often.

I've just released Parties, my latest Minetest mod!
The name should be pretty straightforward, but just in case: you can now team up with your friends :D

There is an API too, so that developers can implement it in their own mods 🌸

Download: content.minetest.net/packages/

#minetest #gamedev

ContentDB now supports reviews!

Head to your favourite (or least) content and review it. The better reviews a package receives, the higher it'll appear in the content list.


Our Android client had a short cameo in a Linus Tech Tips video today! As a "cheap Minecraft clone", we take pride in the community and engine we've built (even if it comes without RTX support 😉).

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