Nice just found out I can’t access my raspberry remotely because my devices are behind a double nat so I can open all the ports I want but nothing changes because they aren’t open on the isp router. Lot of angry noises


@SonoMichele I don't know if this is possible, too costly, or too complicated for you, but my approach: (1) Use a cloud server with a public IP address. (2) Run OpenVPN server on that box. (3) Run OpenVPN client on the pi (or another box on your network). (4) Use iptables or similar built-in firewall/router instructions to control what comes in and what gets forwarded through your openvpn tunnel to your pi.

@mindofjoe Yeah I think that's what i'll end up doing. I just have to wait 22nd March for OVH to give me back my VPS

@SonoMichele Oh, lord... sorry you were affected by that 😞

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