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When linux was first becoming available (from floppy disks packaged with books in bookstores in the 90’s?), I got involved to figure out how things worked and to experiment. A lot of my work was math & algorithms. I remember, when using the gui environment, how pissed I was to see the burden things like a key click or mouse movement could have on interrupts & cpu load — they substantially slowed the crunching. I also remember my irritation in that there was strong focus on making things more “usable” or “friendly” for greater adoption — i.e., more windows-like.

Fast forward: You can do amazing things with all the “overhead” cpu power and architecture evolution that everyone else spends on user-friendliness 🙂

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I’ve been using preferring kvm/qemu to virtualbox when spinning up local experiments. I was prepping to move one to another box or storage when I noticed it was held in a 40GB qcow2 file. I allocated up to 20GB for the storage and (mistakenly) believed it would take much less and expand to 20. There were a few snapshots — maybe I mistakenly believed they were differentials / checkpoints. Damn… Using their cli tools, I was able to re-export it as itself, now much smaller. Still, what’s it doing taking double the allocation?

It's mildly comforting that there are entire countries keeping hours similar to mine these days -- solidarity! X-)

re-homed personal account, tech stays here 

Ok, so that extra bit of self-hosted pleroma work cited in my last should help me keep my fosstodon posts a little more on topic and still provide a personal outlet for all the other musings. For now, also @MindOfJoe 🙂

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Pleroma & SoapboxFE: (1) Got it running monolithially in a vm ✔️ (2) Got it running as on a FreeBSD instance on a xen server, separated from nginx ✔️ (3) Successfully migrated to the old i3 running FreeBSD, with pleroma & postgresql running in separate jails on an internal network, nginx still separated ✔️ (4) Finally got past some quirks of FreeBSD’s built-in pf firewall to dmz-isolate the jail network from the box and its vlan. ✔️ Oy, … that was non-trivial.

@ray Update: Just got pleroma running public-facing and dropped in soapbox-fe. Holy cow -- looks so clean, even without a post 🙂 Lots of exploring / config tinkering before I start using it. I'll keep you posted.

Overnight, successfully got a pleroma instance running inside a freebsd vm on an ubuntu laptop. Instructions were fairly clear with just some minor hiccups and adjustments to run on a LAN (mostly just self-signed certs rather than the let's encrypt stuff).

Still lots to explore from the footprint (cpu, memory, diskspace, etc. -- but I hear it can run on a pi?) through the actual configuration before deciding if I have a use for a public facing or a family instance -- tbd.

Start somewhere 🙂

@GoliathsDownfall I was being snarky, of course -- but I see your gist here. Congrats on your work to build social media discipline / willpower. If you're working on that impulse, can you just hold-off on posting until end-of-day? Maybe transferring photos to another device that has the app installed?

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gemini vs gopher 

@mindofjoe Sometimes the whole point is to go into the rabbit hole just for that reason alone and learn more. I do this often and it might seem a waste of time to some but it’s enjoyable and I always end up adding to my knowledge store even if I end up not utilizing whatever I dug into.

Regarding linux & similar phones, has anyone done a comparative study of bandwidth use?

Getting an OS to run on something small is neat and all, but OS'es can be noisy as hell on a network...

gemini vs gopher 

Spent some time looking for what more gemini offers than gopher. Two findings:

(1) I couldn't find anything.
(2) I had to use http & search engines to find that.

I do see some odd assertions about why to use either, but I don't think I've seen anyone come out and say "Because browsers are out of control! You can't trust them."

Closing off that rabbit hole.

FreeBSD complaint of the day? 

... and, yeah, I get the "That's not a FreeBSD thing; that's an {Xfce, X, driver, hardware, ...} problem" with optional "RTFM!" addendum. Still everything turned pink in the wash with that logo -- lol.

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FreeBSD complaint of the day? 

Two-finger scroll on trackpad. Two identical laptops, one with FreeBSD, one with Ubuntu: Ubuntu works, FreeBSD does not.

Insult to injury? Load FreeBSD in a vm on the Ubuntu install -- two-finger scroll works fine. Of course, all of the abstraction layers make the working/non-working configs incomparable.

Googling for solutions? Spiralling hell. Outdated info to install this/that, try this/that, etc., without a "Solved it!" So irritating.

The profile shell game... is this a mastodon thing? People not sure where to home their profiles, deciding to create their own home bases, or something more nefarious to watch out for?

Standard container test for me? Create a jail locally running dnsmasq and pull in a few ad block lists. Route host dns requests through the containerized service, visit a notorious sight, and watch everything fall away ✔️

[Here, firefox with DoH off, running on ubuntu 20.10 laptop with an LXC-jailed dnsmasq service in the loop.]

After a couple of days of playing with FreeBSD jails, it occurred to me I'd never actually checked out LXC. Well then, that wasn't so bad at all! ... at least the basics of getting one running. Maybe time to rethink some deployments.

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@mindofjoe Agreed. The best thing we can do is to keep decentralizing, move away from the big silos, and educate/show others how they can join the "re-movement" back.

Are there people here also championing alternative open network implementations? I'm thinking neighborhood networks and such, meshed alternatives that don't *rely* on commercial internet but may leverage it if it's available.

[I know it's not groundbreaking, of cousre -- it's done in different places. I'm just curious if any with those interests are here.]

Installed the castor gemini client on the always-on old i3 running freebsd, running it as a piped-back x-application on an ubuntu laptop, looking for something interesting. I forgot how challenging it can be without listing/indexing where every uri is essentially "somewhere/~someone"

Since starting here a few days ago, I have around 70 posts, almost all part of substantial conversation with some of 50 following / 30 follows. I've only had to mute maybe one domain and a few bots or derailed folks for my own sanity, and not all of them were from this domain.

I am really impressed and happy I stumbled across this group 🙂

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