Ok so yesterday I decided to start sending e-mails to every website I visit that doesn't comply with #GDPR when using #GoogleAnalytics etc. (things like: "by using this website you agree to...")

And the first one I contacted replied today to tell me it's fixed now 😁 They ended up removing Google Analytics all together.

You should try this too! 😄

@sigsegv I wonder how many sites have Google analytics but don't look at the data anymore.


@LovesTha @sigsegv I dont care if anyone is looking at analytics from own site. I care if google is looking at my activity without my consent but with help of zilions of websites using GA "for free" ( i pay with my privacy).

@miklo @LovesTha Yes, the most disappointing is to see that so many public institutions take part in this.. Such as Norway's public broadcaster.

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