@rugk Difficult, indeed. Some ideas come to mind, first and most important being: Make the community aware that you can't have privacy for "gratis". Make Mozilla a community-funded project and let's see whether people would support privacy and " open web" still if it takes them some $ or € each month. Or look for different sponsors in the industry. But being funded by the structure you deliberately try to fight seems just weird. @andreipetcu @aral

"Parliament wants to boost #sustainability by promoting #reuse and #repairs and by tackling practices that shorten the lifespan of products."

A huge win for the #RighttoRepair 🙌 🛠️ : bit.ly/3misaVW

Dear #fediverse

** Humane Tech Community has launched the Humanetech Translation Program **

Too many #humane #tech resources raising awareness of #surveillancecapitalism and #privacy and #wellbeing solutions are targeted to US and English-only.

Join our program, help translate and share these worldwide.. This is important!

Please boost 🙏

The first 10 translators have volunteered. Let's make it hundreds more..

Translate, get attributed, we'll all promote your work.


Here in Europe they hope to start vaccinating either at the end of this year or in the beginning of next year.

I hear a lot of anti vaxxers stating they will not take it. They Dutch government is thinking about not giving people access (for a specific time) to events if people arn't.

What is your opinion?

Website owners might want to control every detail about how their sites look and function, but since the beginning, users have always been in control of their own experience. It’s one of the defining features of the Web—whether Facebook likes it or not.eff.org/deeplinks/2020/11/once

With #disinformation at its peak, transparency in advertising is critical. Facebook should not be sole gatekeeper to information that’s in the public interest.

RT if you think @Facebook should withdraw its Cease & Desist and #SaveAdObservatory! mzl.la/3kK7lBb

Original tweet : twitter.com/mozilla/status/132

Libre Graphics Meeting is an annual conference discussing free open source graphics software, including graphic design, digital painting and more.

You can follow at:

➡️ @lgm


➡️ @lgm (videos)

You can see the presentations from the 2020 conference online at the video account above.

The official website is at libregraphicsmeeting.org

#LibreGraphicsMeeting #LGM #Graphics #GraphicDesign #Art #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Software #Events #Event #Conferences #Videos

How nice of #YouTube to tell creators they don't have enough views to monetize, but then run ads on their videos without giving them any ad revenue. I remember when #Google had a motto of not being evil. Maybe creators should give #PeerTube a try.



First Mobilizon updates: group registrations, Docker, new translations... and the first bug fixes!
Infos: joinmobilizon.org/en/news/#20-
Illus cc-by @davidrevoy

New lawsuit: Why do #Android phones mysteriously exchange 260MB a month with #Google via cellular data when they're not even in use?

Ad giant sued after mobile allowances eaten by hidden transfers


This #map shows the percentage of #female #researchers in Europe.
Germany, France and Netherlands have the lowest share of female researchers. It seems that they can learn from Albania, N. Macedonia and other Balkan nations how to reach "European standards".

Dear #fediverse .. I need your help,

A wonderful #privacy tool is being developed by our member Tijmen.

(He's also the creator of socialcooling.com that trended extremely well here on Fedi and on HN)


The tool needs to be translated to all European languages, and its a task that should only take a couple of minutes per translation.

Would you help with your contribution?

Here are instructions how you can: community.humanetech.com/t/507

Boosts appreciated!
Thank you 🙏

In a world where technology can mean the difference between life and death, can we afford the restrictions proprietary software places on progress? Watch and share "Rewind," our latest video promoting #UserFreedom: u.fsf.org/rewind

No surprise, Firefox appears to have Google set as the default geo provider for location services for some installations.

You can change this manually to use Mozilla's location services via `about:config`'s geo.provider.network.url by updating the URL string to:


Or even a hard-coded longitude/latitude.

More here: old.reddit.com/r/privacytoolsI


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