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Hey @8none1, I just listened to Late Night Linux 179, and Virtual Smart Home sounded really interesting. Have you tried it with and/or ? I'd be curious to hear about your experience if you have.

I'm here for my mandatory day in the physical office today. 30 minutes of driving and I'm here. With maybe 5 other people in a space designed to house I'd guess 150-200 people. None of the people that are here are people I work with for literally anything. What a complete waste of time.

Currently doing a server migration at the job. Love those meetings where managers are filling out paperwork.

Them: And what potential impact is there and to which client?

Me: Uhhh, everything? All of them?

Wildlife and Fitness 

Tonight was the first time in a long time I saw a coyote while I was out on my run. It freaks my kids out, but they generally don't like to get that close to me.

Just listened to Episode 178 of . They spent a little time during the show talking about things they love about Linux and FOSS. I think every one of them mentioned the community, and I have to agree. It's one of the things that I think makes great is that it draws from an already amazing community. Thanks to everyone for making Fosstodon all that it is.

@JoeRess @felimwhiteley @degville @8none1

My friend Linda just posted her "Monsoon V - Moments" video, and it's truly incredible. She's got talent I can only dream about. She specializes in time-lapse video and weather events. Seriously, watch it.

Having just gotten back from a weeks vacation I dreaded stepping on the scale this morning. We ate trash and did no exercise. I expected this to be bad. I lost 5lbs. It sincerely makes me wonder just how bad for me my lifestyle is. Maybe not my "lifestyle". Maybe it's just my job. Being up and around and moving more of the day easily compensated for a disastrous diet. Just more movement is all it takes to be healthier than I usually am.

Man, I love @pixelfed, but it's seriously bad for my self-esteem. Every time I feel like I might not be half bad at that whole "
"photography" thing, I just browse the timeline and realize just how talented people out there are. I'm "good" at photography like a first grader is a "good" artist.

What is the general thought on airplane seat reclining? I realize that this is a super first world problem, but after just getting off a 5+ hour flight it's on my mind. I'm a fairly decently sized guy. 6'1 and 250+. As soon as allowed, the slightly built young woman who was sitting in front of me reclined her seat all the way back, putting the back of her head about 6" from my face. She then spent most of the flight leaning forward to see the TV screen on the back of the seat in front of her.

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I need help from the :
At the beginning of this year I discovered a mastodon account (on a different FOSS instance) called "Freed Creative", they also owned a channel with the same name and uploaded awesome tutorials.
I noticed NewPipe complaining about not being able to find the account, like 2 weeks ago. So I did a quick mastodon search but it only returned and .
Does anyone know what happened to the account?

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The author of the open source suite (which includes the very popular Simple Gallery) has just announced - Simple Phone!

Spread the word, if you feel this is something that needs audience.

It's Monday morning. That means I have 3 more mornings before I go on vacation for a week. Friday at this time I'll be on a plane heading west.

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