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Maybe I'll find some time this weekend to try this out. I really like the logic behind this project. I know not everybody is in to person assistants, but is really the way to go in my book. takes what Mycroft has built and adds a wrinkle to the implementation that I think will really help move it along.

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OMG, I finally get to announce that we get to hire @tsyesika to work on @spritelyproject with me full time thanks to a generous grant from NLNet and @NGIZero!

Nobody is more excited than I am! Jessica is one of the most talented programmers I've ever had the pleasure to work with and ActivityPub wouldn't have happened without her hard work. So excited to get to work together every day again!

Casting Paul Rudd as Antman was a real missed opportunity for Marvel. They could have cast him in The Eternals as himself and people would have just said, "Ah, yea, that makes sense."

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Holly shit! was featured in the TL;DR newsletter today.

Look, ma! I'm famous!!

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Just had a thought, has anyone done any testing on performance relating to vs ?

As I'm still rocking my sdcard as the OS partition. I wonder if some of the slower graphical items could be helped moving to emmc?

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I have a pretty solid case of misophonia, but I'm pretty sure this guy is actually grunting while he's eating.


OK, is starting to confuse me. I supported the Mark I when it was first crowdfunded in April of 2016. I don't remember EXACTLY when I got it, but I supported the Mark II in February of 2018, so we can safely assume I had it by then. That's ~2 if I'm rounding.

Mycroft AI's recent update to the Mark II says they're "targeting July 2022 for our first production run". That'll be over four years if they hit the mark.

What is the big malfunction here? Why so long?

Me: We've been experiencing intermittent issues from one of your services.

Tech: OK, we restarted the service. Is it working now?

Me: Yes, it's working, but it's been intermittent, so we don't know if it's fixed.

Tech: OK.

5 minutes later....

Tech: Is it fixed?

Me: Well, it's working, but it's only been five minutes so we don't know if it's fixed.

Tech: OK.

5 minutes later.....

Tech: Is this issue resolved?

Me: ......

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My new phone is currently on the truck for delivery. It might actually beat @cassidyjames 's in getting here.

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FINALLY the #Odysee version for Episode #55 of is live and it's working! Don't miss our epic 2.5 hour show!

Horrible Poetry 

This morning, 10 minutes before their bus is due to arrive, one of my sons mentions that he was supposed to write a poem about ice cream for school today. So, in 30 seconds, we kludged this together:

Ice Cream:

A list of ice cream
Flavors to eat
Vanilla and chocolate and mint
Thoughts of cold, happiness, and cream
Berries of straw and blue
I'm hungry and hot

It's pretty horrible, but he's in elementary school, so I doubt they'll put up much of a fuss.

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For those who use WordPress as your window into ActivityPub and IndieWeb fronts, how do you manage seeing the timeline? Do you use another bit of software?

I like the *idea* of having everything under my control on my own site, but the array of options and controls and getting supported setups is difficult and frustrating. With Known, it worked, but the whole thing is clunky and poorly supported.

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October update follow-up:

- is out next week & we're making hostboards for it

- (Pro) keyboard - first units from factory arrive. Costs $49.95

- dev unit pre-orders closed

- dev progress report

....and more

Hey @PINE64, I just got done reading your October Update Follow Up. I have a question on this bit:

"PineNotes will likely remain behind a developer pre-order ‘wall’ until the e-paper display becomes enabled in Linux."

Do we have even the slightest inkling of when that will be? I'm not talking exact date, more like 3rd quarter 2022? September sometime? Anything?

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