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A small victory: An hour after we sent a cease & desist letter to #Gab's legal team on Oct 21 regarding their failure to publish up-to-date source code in compliance with Mastodon's AGPLv3 license, they have uploaded a new version.

That is not all that we demanded in the letter, but it is nevertheless a victory in upholding the AGPLv3 license of our project, and a signal to those who doubt that we are willing to show teeth to those who ignore it.

More context:

I suppose we should have all seen this coming with all the talk about 's up and coming . I guess I just assumed it was a Neal Stephenson reference. I should have known better.

Well, that puts a whole new spin on the word . :headdesk:

There are actually a few distros in this article that I'm not familiar with. I love trying out different distros as I honestly feel that an active and diverse distro "market" helps Linux evolve over time into something better than it would be otherwise.

It took me a minute and a half to unlock my work laptop today. Not start it up, unlock the screen. It was already started at the desktop, running. A minute and half. It takes my almost 10 year old Zorin laptop at home less than a second to do that. Oh, and when it was locked it disconnected my VPN and I had to do that whole process with 2FA over again.

Today has been.... frustrating.

I'm actually surprised by this. If I had to make a guess, I would have chosen Google's hands down. I would have said that Amazon has the more annoying of the two as it tends to "suggest" things much more often than Google's Assistant does. Regardless, this is exactly why I'm such an advocate for .

I've been disturbingly productive this morning. Time to screw around a bit.

I like how this project sounds, but I do have some concerns.

1. Subscription model? Why does EVERYTHING need to be a subscription?

2. You need buy-in on both ends of this process. Why would the companies currently profiting off of your data sign on?

3. I'm not sure how data recall would work for much of your personal information. What stops them from keeping your information?

I'm still thinking of supporting, because I like the idea. I have serious concerns though.

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Hello there, I’m Aito and I’ve been interested in for some time and I’m taking baby steps to improve it, a little bird told me this community would help and encourage users to use free software and take care of privacy, so here I am 😄

Apparently Truth Social is having some legal issues regarding violating the AGPL. This isn't super surprising considering they seem to have lifted the source code wholesale and given no attribution.

Tangentially political 

I don't want this to be a political post. This is just a testament to the strength of the Fediverse. New instances can join, drop, or any combination of the two, and it doesn't impact the Fed at large. Being a distributed social network means that one node of that network can experience catastrophic failure and it will have no impact on the rest of the network.

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Just wrapped up an illuminating conversation with Josh Montgomery, co-founder of @mycroft_ai! And yes, he even does a reading from his new children's book "Mycroft and the Patent Trolls" 😂

The full interview is coming to a video channel and podcast feed near you soon.

Two different emails today:

One of our senior managers: This solution you've been using for at least seven years and rely heavily on needs to be shutdown.

Me: That will require weeks if not months of work and coordination with dozens of people.

Them: Better get on that.

Me: ....

Completely different email from our CEO.

CEO: We realize that you're probably feeling stressed out, so as a company we're taking a day off! Enjoy all your free time!

Me: ....

Today officially sucks.

Coworker: Hey, do you know how to do this weird obscure thing? I forgot how.

Me: Why are you doing that? You should be doing this other thing.

C: Oh yea, right. I've been doing that all the other times, I just forgot this time.

M: ....

Super believable.

@martijnbraam has a pretty cool hands-on with the new from @PINE64 that shows off the faster hardware. This thing is looking pretty impressive to be honest. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on one.

Just rebuilt my with the KDE image instead of the version. Of course, the first thing I did after that was install . Honestly, it works really slick. Even the GUI works for the most part. My biggest complaint is the speed. I might as well put the order in for the right now.

Just finished watching the . Aside from the annoyingly massive number of adjectives those people use, it looks like the biggest "innovations" this time is bringing back the F keys and adding ports. Woohoo?

Nice to see this is finally available. I REALLY missed this when I upgraded my version of and got Gnome 40. I won't say it was the ONLY reason for moving to Zorin, but it did play a part at the very least.

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Fosstodon is generously redistributing wealth among open source projects! Nominate your favorites here (hint, hint Mellium users!)

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