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"My performance has a significant impact on my pay"

Uh, no. They pay me the least amount required to keep me from walking out the door. If I work my ass off 24/7, they'll still pay me the least they can get away with. I guess that's just as much on me, since if I am willing to accept a low number, they're willing to pay me a low number.

I hate employee opinion surveys.

"Senior leadership makes me optimistic for the future of this organization"

Do I disagree if I think the company is doing fine even if senior leadership is doing little to nothing to make it that way?

Do I agree if I think the company is going to be fine because of it's market position even if it seriously screws up due to poor decisions by senior management?

I'm not saying senior management is bad or that they're screwing things up, but the question??

MycroftAI just announced that they've chosen Aztech for manufacture of the Mark II. That's good news, but they included some not so great news with the annoucement.

"Assuming no surprises, we expect to have all parts for NPI and the first production run by Q2 2022."

Don't get me wrong here. I love , but the Mark II is a Raspberry Pi with a custom daughter board in a custom case. It's what most people on HackADay do on their weekends. Q2 of 2022 makes it almost four years late. 😠

Day 31 of the 2021 Series:

This is honestly a question I never thought I'd have, and the fact that it's rolling around in my brain kind of makes me feel a little nauseous.

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I guess I've reached that certain age where getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep is no longer possible. I've been trying for the last year, but it's a no-go.

Got the issue resolved finally. Now I can go back to ......

Crap, it's 8:12am....

Back to work I guess....

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Ug. On Call sucks, and I'm getting way too old for this 3am garbage.

I just spent over an hour on the phone with my boss collaborating on a word document. Literally nitpicking the verbiage of the text.


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psa: your co-workers who have been there for longer and don't work as fast as you aren't ""lazy,"" they're exhausted. they were in your position once too, and felt like they had to put in all their energy ito the job -- and they burnt out. you should learn from them, and slow down now. take rest breaks and coffee breaks, let things take a little longer; your reward for extra speed will only ever be more assignments, inevitably grinding you down. your exploitative employer isn't worth it.

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Has anyone here on done any work on the emulator? I am starting work on it now to add port hotswitching during Netplay for the Custom Robo community.

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Samsung confirms it’s removing ads from its stock apps later this year - The Verge
It wasn't even an issue in low budget models. This was an issue in $1200 Samsung S21 Ultra, Samsung's flagship phone.

This is only one of many reasons I encourage use of Lineage OS and similar ROMs over stock ROMs. File manager doesn't freaking connect to internet to download ads. My 3 year old phone's battery felt anew after switching to Lineage OS.
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@mike @joseph it used to be so simple "when you are not paying for a product, you are the product". Now you can be the product despite paying for a service...

A̅⇒B does not imply A⇒B̅

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Has anyone else stopped getting excited about new tech? It's just like "cool, a new thing to invade my privacy".

Watching the Live right now. I don't know what it is about the presentation style that uses, but man does it just irritate the holy hell out of me. It must work for them though, since they keep doing it.

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OK, how many people here remember what Win/386 was? And how it related to the MS Cairo project?

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Home Assistant is strange. You can't install it "normally" on a Pi because Python is too old (it wants 3.8, Raspbian has 3.7). You can install it via Docker but then you can't use Add-Ons. If you want full functionality you're really left with one choice - install their entire OS image on a dedicated Pi. For a collection of Python scripts.

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Some days are good days, some days you get threatened and called a motherf*cker a bunch before you even get out of bed.

Today is a motherf*cker day.

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