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My first programming language was FORTRAN. What was yours?

Feel free to boost.

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Anyone have any tips in getting started contributing to FOSS? I’m looking to start donating time to solving problems and building stuff.

Got my power bill today and it seemed a bit high, so I decided to grab some data from the power company and compare to my current usage/bill to my previous usage/bill.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that my usage this year is lower than the same time last year. The kids aren't home all day this year. What did surprise me is when comparing like usage from last year, it looks like they're actually charging me LESS. I was not expecting that.

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It's that time of the year again.

I've been using Linux for about 30 years. Mine was the first installation, given Linus didn't install it on his computer, he grew it on top of an existing Minix install, replacing it piecemeal.

My first contribution is over 30 years ago, about April, 1991, the sprintf (now snprintf) function in the kernel.

It's been a fun ride.

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What's your go-to tool for file management in the terminal?

Comment for "Other" and/or tell me why you use what you use!

I got over 800 emails between signing out last night (end of day ~ 5:00 in the evening), and signing in this morning (start of day ~ 8:00 in the morning). Filters cut that down to a little bit more than 60, and after visual inspection of the rest, I read precisely 2 of them.

Yea, email works GREAT. 😒

Vulgarity and burnout 

Joins meeting with 87 other people.

Gets email regarding project I'm currently involved with.

"Ugh, fuck."

Person on call: "You're not on mute Mike."

*struggling to care*


I love it when the corporate types accidentally say the quiet bit out loud. My company put out a video this morning explaining why it's important to participate in team building exercises.

The gist was, "We want you to be happy because happy employees do better work."

You know they don't really care about you beyond the service you provide them, but usually they're a little bit more subtle about the whole thing.

Apparently, Jeff Bezos put a soft serve machine in his house. I'm confused why, when considering all the extravagant things he's used his VAST wealth for, this is the one that I'm seeing over and over in my news feed.

Ummm.... two things right off the top of my head.

1) Tesla's autopilot software isn't very good.

2) A screen where it's face would be? That's the stuff of nightmares.

Sounds like Apple's hashing algorithm is spotty at best. Thank God didn't decide to violate the privacy of every single one of it's users for something half baked and barely functional. 🙄

For those that are interested, Co-Founder Joshua Montgomery is hosting an AMA on Facebook Live (ewww) on Friday at noon Pacific time zone.

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Well there, :ablobcatwave:
I've been told an would be a good idea so:
I'm a student with a little experience.
Other than studying and work I mostly use my for or watching some .
Recently in the process of looking for , like over , over and so on.
Other interests include , , , projects and lots of things I can't think of right now.

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Fediverse pitch: a new instance targeting makers called cyber.macgyver. Their server runs on 23 RaspberryPis resting in a rack made of bent bailing wire covered in a trash bag with a hole cut in one corner. The mouth of the bag is tied around the output if a hair blower with a bad heating element for cooling. Y'all take it from here.

How is it that I've been writing shell scripts for over 15 years now to automate processes, and I've only just discovered $SUDO_USER today? I feel like that's a MASSIVE oversight.

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@mike @PINE64 heck yeah. The and make it look like an old school boom box but smaller.

Still impatiently waiting for @PINE64 to make a smart speaker.

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