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Hi (and all free software techs).
Is there a compatibility problem between and ?

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Hey, fedi!

I'd like to write a blog/gemlog post about positive experiences from open source contributions. And by that I mean I want to hear your stories, and publish them as CC0 along with my own :)

Bring it on! (Boosts are of course welcome)

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Brought in the Pixel to get activated that I bought off Craigslist. Unfortunately, it was flagged as lost/stolen. :blobcat_glitch:

Hopefully the guy I bought it from is honest and will get that flag taken off. As a backup, any suggestions on how to get it unlocked?

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE: My @fosstodon stickers came in! /woot Today was still a good day.

I find the number of UFOs I spot in the sky increases dramatically when I'm not wearing my glasses.

Day 23 of the 2021 Series:

I've partaken in some crowd funded projects in the past, and sometimes the patience required is..... a lot. This is what I'm still waiting for.

Customer: Can we encrypt the logs from the DB server?
Me: Sure, we can encrypt the not currently being written to files.
C: And if we need to look at them, we can decrypt those files, right?
M: ........ yes.

Do I need to explain that there's no fundamental difference between encrypting to the point it CAN'T be decrypted, and just deleting the file.

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Beginning today, Linux For Everyone and @TUXEDOComputers have entered into a long-term partnership that will ensure growth in our community, and a steady stream of new content across the network!

More details in Wednesday's new episode of L4E!

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So, hypothetically, if we were to throw some other stuff other than stickers into our store, would anybody care? Like t-shirts, hoodies, coffee cups, etc. Asking for a friend.

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A big 🎈 🎉 WELCOME 🎉🎈 to our newest moderators, Hund and Tayo! We're happy to have them, both, on board. If you want to know a little more about them or our other amazing staff members, check the link below.

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My Fediverse timeline is full of people doing cool things in collaboration with others.

My Twitter timeline is full of people competing with one another while performing their bullshit jobs.

Day 21 of the 2021 Series:

It's not often I'm excited for an announcement from Microsoft, but this is an exception. It's not great, but it's better than where I am right now.

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OK, this feels too easy, and so I'm super paranoid about it. Anybody see anything wrong with this? I don't want to blow some of this stuff up.


ARCHIVE_DATE=`date +%Y%m%d`

find /sftp/* -type f -mtime +365 | while read LINE
tar -rf ${ARCHIVE_LOCATION}/archive_${ARCHIVE_DATE}.tar "${LINE}"
rm -f "${LINE}"

gzip -9 ${ARCHIVE_LOCATION}/archive_${ARCHIVE_DATE}.tar

Didn't watch the whole event, but apparently Apple invented Tiles and the color purple today.

There are many days I really hate writing code, but it's hard to beat that feeling you get when all the hard work you've done pays off and everything works exactly like you wanted it to.

Hey @kelbot, do I remember you doing an ePaper dashboard at some point or am I just hallucinating?

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