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Got a tip for you . You can follow a hashtag via . Now I can easily keep up with godot toots XD.

Day 15 of the 2021 Series:

Lots of people actually trust Google. I trust Google to take as much of my information as they can and use it however they choose. Beyond that, blindly trusting the results of any search engine is probably not the best idea.

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I've been using for around a year now, and it's been fun. But a lot of the guides I've read have been way too detailed. So I decided to write my own guide.

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As it seems to be "in" in the last couple of days, here is my "why I'm on fosstodon" and my likes and dislikes of the community. I enjoyed writing it, and hope you're not tired of them yet :p :)

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Hey ummm, My android device has lost its storage access framework. I kinda made a mistake and I wish to download it if possile. Or else my files can't open document or create one.

What is Benoit B. Mandelbrot's middle name? Benoit B. Mandelbrot.

Looks like started shipping their Mark II Dev Kits on Friday. That's nice to see. Hopefully the rest of the Mark IIs will be shipping shortly. I love Mycroft, but it's hard to not be a little bitter about this whole thing when the expected shipping date was March of 2018. Three years later, still waiting.

Dropped my phone over the weeked. Landed right in that sweet spot between the case and the screen protector. Totally screwed up the screen. I only got this thing in September. Pretty pissed about the whole thing.

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The winner of our weekly screenshot competition is /u/Zephir0. The screenshot shows the custom-made Aritim-Light theme and Latte Dock and an app using the Lightly theme. Check it out at:


Day 13 of the 2021 Series:

A sad day for nerds. At least American nerds in the western United States. Still, sad.

I really want to try this extension, but I have a feeling that I'd get super sick of seeing that "blocked" screen pretty quickly.

Day 12 of the 2021 Series:

Yes, I really am that lazy. Probably a little stupid too, but definitely lazy.

I have nothing new or interesting to post for , so I thought I'd dig out an oldie for this weeks edition. This one is from March 30th, 2012. There's an IRC window down in the lower left, and some conky in the upper right. I THINK this a pre-Cinnamon Mint distro, but it could be just be a Gnome 3 desktop. I did run Mint 12 back around then, which was the version before Cinnamon became a thing.

I don't often link to Twitter statuses, because.... Twitter, but this one was funny. I'll quote so you don't have to click the link, but you can if you want to.

"Breaking: Mars becomes the second planet that has more computers running Linux than Windows."

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Getting excited for Perseverance. Who's watching tomorrow?

Thought that I'd use Garuda for my . It's pretty vanilla, no interesting or unique configuration. Still, feels like a pretty interesting distro.

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