I know this will sound odd for people who live in different climates, but it was FOGGY this morning. It was so weird. I can't remember the last time I saw actual fog.

That is pretty. Now I want to go to Spain.

"The ‘World’s Most Beautiful Data Center’ is a Supercomputer Housed in a 19th Century Church"


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, my CLI alarm system for , is now v0.2.0, which includes colorized output, testing, and a fix for an off-by-one error in the method it uses for guessing at less-than-ideal user input.

(Why, yes, this *is* mostly an excuse to toot about dlarm at a different time of day/for people in different time zones, why do you ask? The r/rust thread for the project is here: reddit.com/r/rust/comments/ag2)

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Arch linux install, screenshot, help required Show more

@kev Oh no.... This is going from bad to worse.

I'm not sure how the regulation of AI is enforceable. Anyone with a brain and a computer can develop it. How is anybody going to regulate that?

"Americans want to regulate AI but don’t trust anyone to do it - MIT Technology Review"


@dpreacher No, unfortunately I haven't had the time to have my work computer shutdown and offline today so I can work on it. Based on the number of people casually dropping by, I doubt I'm going to today.


The web is something that, by it's very nature, shouldn't be centralized.

"Re-decentralizing the Web, for good this time | Ruben Verborgh"


@art Not to get all pedantic or anything, but one of those ducks is female. 🤨

@kev Oooo, damn. That sucks. Sorry to hear that.

@Matter I believe they could, but it appears they don't.

I didn't realize that this hadn't been proven.

"After 27 Years, Reporter Who Exposed ECHELON Finds Vindication in Snowden Archive"


@fatboy That's a VERY good question. As far as I'm aware, there isn't a really good definition associated with the law.

Well, this is going well. If you need to use any of these sites, be especially careful with your personal information.

"Government shutdown: TLS certificates not renewed, many websites are down"


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I really find it satisfying to complete Street Complete missions when I'm out-and-about, so much more fun than Pokémon Go (at least for me anyway)!

"[Street Complete] app finds incomplete and extendable data in your vicinity and displays it on a map as markers. Each of those is solvable by answering a simple question to complete the info on site.

The info you enter is then directly added to the OpenStreetMap in your name, without the need to use another editor."

@fatboy I think they may have already done that actually. I do know, at least in the United States, "Hacking" is considered an act of terrorism. Not that running Linux is "Hacking", but to some people it might be close enough.

@enos_666 I do spend a lot of time at the command line. Right now, I have 3 apps open. Vivaldi, Outlook, and PuTTY. That's probably all I'll open today. Maybe Filezilla. I'm pretty much in a browser or in a terminal. Funny enough, that's pretty much what's open on my personal computer too. Just replace Outlook with Rhythmbox and PuTTY with Tilix, and we're there.

@jtgd Yea, I could do that, but it wouldn't solve all the issues with Windows. It would just mask them behind a more congenial and capable OS.

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