Today I watched a man put anchovies on his nachos. I think I speak for the entirety of the human race with the exception of this one individual when I say, "Ew."

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This little (big) fella hitched a ride from us on our last trip up the mountain.
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I am very tired. Spent the whole day cleaning up the Keybase proofs integration PR

After asking around for feedback and returning sponsor money, I decided that it wouldn't really hurt and the publicity would be good


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Well, they're both Mastodon instances, but is more of a general instance, where Fosstodon is for fans of Free Software.

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We have temporarily close sign ups on the instance. Looks like we may have been targeted in some kind of flood.

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@Gargron are there any plans to improve the moderation tools in Mastodon? Our instance has just been hit with a rather large spam account campaign and the only way to clean them up is to go into each profile one at a time and suspend them.

Bulk action functionality is desperately needed. Some kind of integration with services like "StopForumSpam" would also be beneficial.

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Anyone using Qubes OS?
What are yout thoughts about it?

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Hi there! I'm a Ruby dev and tester from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I hope I can share and read interesting stuff and help the community grow.

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I joined the fediverse in 2016 and used Mastodon for one day and forgot about it.

I tried to reset my password in 2017 and it didn't work.

I tried again in March of 2018 and it worked!

I have been a daily user since April 2018. I have met a lot of people, made some friends and started a few projects.

Thank you fediverse ❤️


@shortcake A lady here in town just jumped a barrier to take a selfie of herself with a Jaguar. A messy room is downright understandable in that context.

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