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After publishing my setup guide, a couple of people asked me whether they can host on shared hosting.

TL;DR - Yes!

Here's how:

@kev One benefit I've seen that not a single app has is access to the moderation interface. You can handle reports from the web interface, but you can't from FediLab, or Toot, or Tusky. That gives it a boost as far as I'm concerned.

This is something that really needs to be looked at. It's nice to get software that's free both as in beer and freedom, but sometimes you can't have both.

"Software below the poverty line"


@skunksarebetter I've used it. I did Ancestry DNA and 23andMe Genealogy tests, and I was easily able to export my family trees to Gramps. Very cool little application.

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I just wanna put it out there that the word for “being polite on mastodon” should be fediquette

@brandon @groot Don't talk to me about it. I didn't even know you could do that. Pretty slick. Maybe @kev knew about it?

@kev I hadn't actually tried the web interface on mobile before your comment, but it really is super slick. About the only thing I wish it could do that it doesn't is remove the Fed tab. I'll stick with Fedilab for now, but it wouldn't take much to get me to move on.

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It surprises me that Mastodon has kept on getting better and better. Everytime we get a major update, I think that Mastodon has finished adding new features and we won't see anymore big updates for a while, only to be wrong again when something I never knew I needed is released.

@Jearil I look at it more as a drop in replacement for the pre-existing chips. If people who have PocketChips can just drop these new boards in I would expect to see more traction. They've been a little coy about answering that whether that's possible though.

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@ohyran No worries, it was more of a self deprecating joke implying @kev and I aren't big on planning, mixed in with a "We're already on 2.9" for comedic spice. 😉

I'm not sure about "complete", but fairly comprehensive anyway.

"Alternatives to Google Products (Complete List) "


@Matter You mean literally take their meds, or is this a figurative and they're just hangry or something?

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People of the Fediverse, I need your help...

What is the best ad-blocker addon for ?

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