@nd Good night. I hope the leg feels better in the morning.

@GreyLinux I'd really like to see @PINE64 do a . I think they could put something together quickly that would be inexpensive and just as functional. They've got a lot more experience with hardware than Mycroft does, and the software is already being taken care of. Most of Mycroft is off the shelf anyway, so I wouldn't expect it to take much.

@The_Quantum_Alpha Definitely the first one. Or maybe the second. I get so confused.

Looks like started shipping their Mark II Dev Kits on Friday. That's nice to see. Hopefully the rest of the Mark IIs will be shipping shortly. I love Mycroft, but it's hard to not be a little bitter about this whole thing when the expected shipping date was March of 2018. Three years later, still waiting.


@Gina I think most people would prefer you to stay. I know I'd like it better that way.

@nd That was one of the things I thought about when I moved to Jekyll, but then I also realized that I've literally NEVER made a blog post from my phone.

@nd Yep, exactly! Hey, let me know if you decide to go back in time. In retrospect, there's some stock purchases I'd like to make.

@nd I'd like to say, I did it before it was cool. 😉

@Crocmagnon How's this look?


I didn't go with anything from the logos page, or the favicon because of the text. Seemed a little overkill given the size of an emoji. Will this work, or would you prefer the text?


@hund A bad one apparently. It's a thin one that's mostly designed to protect it from minor damage. I had the same kind of case on my old phone that I just replaced for over three years with no screen protector, and it's still in pristine condition. You know, other than there's no more support for it from Google and the phone is painfully slow after the system updates that have been installed. Other than that, works great!

@Tay0 I don't mind the glass cracking as long as it actually protects the screen. There is a bit more of a gap than I'd like at the bottom edge (where it broke), but some of that is necessary because the glass is rounded. It impacted right where the glass meets the plastic, so I'm not sure if any screen protector would have done better. I do think if I had a bigger case it would have helped. The one I have is pretty minimal and doesn't have any bumpers on it. This drop missed both though.

Dropped my phone over the weeked. Landed right in that sweet spot between the case and the screen protector. Totally screwed up the screen. I only got this thing in September. Pretty pissed about the whole thing.

@navitux Not a joke. I've used it on my . I have yet to boot it up on the because I'm already using Manjaro with Phosh, so it just didn't seem worth it. It's definitely a real thing.

@metalune When I tried to look at the link, it just says "451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons".

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The winner of our weekly screenshot competition is /u/Zephir0. The screenshot shows the custom-made Aritim-Light theme and Latte Dock and an app using the Lightly theme. Check it out at: reddit.com/r/kde/comments/lk75


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