Looks like started shipping their Mark II Dev Kits on Friday. That's nice to see. Hopefully the rest of the Mark IIs will be shipping shortly. I love Mycroft, but it's hard to not be a little bitter about this whole thing when the expected shipping date was March of 2018. Three years later, still waiting.


Good news for . Looking like the patent they're being sued over may be declared invalid. In my opinion, it should never have been granted.


Day 96 of the Series:

If you're a user, or you're thinking about it, this is a quick walk through of how to create a super basic skill. SUPER basic.


Day 87 of the Series:

AI has released an alpha version of the GUI for the Mark II, and simple instructions on how to get it on your computer. If you're feeling the urge, I recommend trying out Mycroft in all it's GUI goodness.


Wow, there's a really comprehensive article over on opensource.com explaining in great detail how to create your own skill for . If you've got Mycroft working (because you should) somewhere, it's a great little tutorial. I created a super quick one this morning just for giggles, and it only took a couple minutes. If you're a Python programmer, this is all you need to do some really amazing things.


Day 35 of the series.

I've been posting a lot about and a little about AI. I have a lot of interest in the field. I thought I'd explain why.

This one is a little bit more personal than I usually get. You've been warned.


Day 19 of the series:

You know when something small annoys you, and you know you shouldn't be stressing about it because there are far more important things to worry your head about? Yea, I have one of those regarding . While I love Mycroft, I really wish they'd give some attention to this one small detail.


Day 10 of my Series. has been slacking over the last 24 hours. Time to get him back to work.


So, my Mark I seems to have gone to the great personal assistant dump in the sky. Rest in peace little buddy. At least until tomorrow.


Day 9!

Patent troll's lawyer whines about mean people on the Internet, then says a bunch of stupid stuff.

"Patent Troll Runs To Court To Whine About Mean People Online, Insists They Must All Secretly Be From Company It's Suing"


Some interesting changes coming for . I like their decision to move to snaps, and the choice to go back and invest in their code base instead of just pushing new features is a smart one.

"Mark II Update - March 2020 - Mycroft"


This is kind of a surprise, but I hope this means great things are in store for . I like Joshua Montgomery, but it sounds like Michael Lewis has a strong history. Fingers crossed.

"Mycroft AI Welcomes Michael Lewis as New CEO"


This is massively frustrating. It's obvious someone is just trying to cash in, and they've gone after a small startup rather than a large, established company like Google or Amazon. I'm just hoping can weather this and get on with development.

"Mycroft AI's Legal War Against a 'Patent Troll' Heats Up"


Could almost feel this coming. I hate this kind of thing so much.

"IP lawsuit claims anti-troll post by KC company showed willful infringement"


Looks like called their bluff, and they folded. Hopefully this troll will keep its tail tucked and we'll never hear from them again.

"Patent Troll Update - Mycroft"


This is a really interesting use of .

"Unreal Engine - Real-time Voice Control Demo / Smart Assistant Integration"


I'm glad to see they're fighting this suit, but it's frustrating they even have to.

"Startup Mycroft AI declares it will fight 'patent troll' tooth and nail after its Linux voice-assistant attracts lawsuit"


I would hope an initiative like this would also help projects like interact with smart home devices.

"Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant might soon all speak the same smart home language | TechHive"


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