I feel like this is a big deal, but maybe it's not. I know and the group in particular has been having some serious issues lately, and it's been questionable whether they were going to be able to pull themselves out of that spiral. Maybe a purchase by (or anybody really anybody with SOME gaming credentials) is exactly what they need. Either way, I don't think we'll be seeing these games running on any time soon.


I think @danrabbit hit the nail on the head with this one. It's my opinion this is why on the desktop has had such a hard time getting traction. It's more than capable, but at this point is it even possible as a desktop OS to provide that extra bit that would get average people to switch? What is it people actually NEED from a desktop OS?


Recently my friend and cofounder of posted a blog post about how he's no longer using on the desktop. The reaction from the community was a good one, so I figured that I could safely announce something myself that wouldn't illicit too much hate.

So, here goes....

I cut off a large part of my beard....

Please don't hate me.


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