Day 23 of the 2021 Series:

I've partaken in some crowd funded projects in the past, and sometimes the patience required is..... a lot. This is what I'm still waiting for.

Day 21 of the 2021 Series:

It's not often I'm excited for an announcement from Microsoft, but this is an exception. It's not great, but it's better than where I am right now.

Day 20 of the 2021 Series:

Just finished this book, and I thought I'd write a book review. TL;DR, I liked it. You should read it. Because I said it was good.

Day 19 of the 2021 Series:

Word has come down from on high that we're going to be returning to the office this summer. Probably. So, I guess that means I'm going to need some keyboard recommendations.

Day 18 of the 2021 Series:

Since migrating from to Jekyll, I haven't had any analytics on my page. I've done a little bit of research on it, and this is what I've decided to do.

Day 17 of the 2021 Series:

After seeing several articles recently talking about exa, I decided to give it a whirl. Might be worth your time if you spend any at the command line, especially if you're a git user.

Day 16 of the 2021 Series:

Stallman has returned. Some see this as a good thing, but I just can't get behind that.

Day 15 of the 2021 Series:

Lots of people actually trust Google. I trust Google to take as much of my information as they can and use it however they choose. Beyond that, blindly trusting the results of any search engine is probably not the best idea.

Day 13 of the 2021 Series:

A sad day for nerds. At least American nerds in the western United States. Still, sad.

Day 12 of the 2021 Series:

Yes, I really am that lazy. Probably a little stupid too, but definitely lazy.

Day 10 of the 2021 Series:

I gave JingOS a spin in the stupidest way possible, and it almost works. Assuming you're not worried about being spied on I guess.

Day 9 of the 2021 Series:

I find that I use the Internet for almost everything. For some reason, that kind of rubs me the wrong way, but it gives me flexibility I don't want to lose.

Day 6 of the 2021 Series:

The Mycroft Mark II will start to ship in February. Well, kinda. Individuals like myself will still have a while to go I'm guessing.

Day 5 of the 2021 Series:

Google's recent announcement that they're going to be limiting 3rd party access to Chrome APIs has me a little nervous. It's probably unfounded, but if it's not, serves me right.

Day 4 of the 2021 Series:

Because I'm still toting around my blog posts from the old days, I wanted to bring them across when I migrated from to Jekyll. Took me a bit of futzing around, but eventually I got there. Here's how.

Day 3 of the 2021 Series:

I've followed the instructions that @kev so graciously wrote, and have migrated my page over to Jekyll.

Day 2 of the 2021 Series:

Haiku has recently acknowledged their work on an ARM port of their OS. I'm anxiously waiting to try it.

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