I'm not sure about "complete", but fairly comprehensive anyway.

"Alternatives to Google Products (Complete List) "


I know it's based on Google's engine, but I do like there browser and their perspective.

"Despite being Chromium-based, Vivaldi browser promises to preserve effective ad-blocking as a choice"


I've been enjoying using just vanilla Ubuntu, but the Gnome desktop is just too sluggish on my laptop. I'm thinking I'm going to go back to Ubuntu Mate or Ubuntu Budgie. Probably Mate.

An operating system that does this currently dominates the desktop market. Let that sink in.

I'd just like to say, big props to for this type of answer. Very cool.

Got bored so I got Mycroft working on my ThinkPad.

This is what I was doing a decade ago. Not much has changed to be honest.

I haven't done one of these for a bit, so here's the current desktop on my ThinkPad.

I get a lot of email from "hackers" who have apparently hacked my computer and recorded me doing various things. Ignoring the fact that, uh, no you didn't, I'm not at all intimidated by the fact you have "Mike.mp4". How incriminating could this video possibly be? Really?

My daughters made this for be today. They're so sweet!

Tired Rant... 

I don't usually post food pics, but this is about the best thing that's come out of this trip so far.

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