I have nothing new or interesting to post for , so I thought I'd dig out an oldie for this weeks edition. This one is from March 30th, 2012. There's an IRC window down in the lower left, and some conky in the upper right. I THINK this a pre-Cinnamon Mint distro, but it could be just be a Gnome 3 desktop. I did run Mint 12 back around then, which was the version before Cinnamon became a thing.

Thought that I'd use Garuda for my . It's pretty vanilla, no interesting or unique configuration. Still, feels like a pretty interesting distro.

Just saw this on Kickstarter, and the first thought through my head was, "I could probably build that myself pretty easily!" Especially for €139. Given, I don't care about the built in AI species recognition. My biggest problem is it gets pretty hot here in Arizona, and keeping any SBCs running in 120F/49C is something I haven't figured out yet.

Had the day off work today, and had a pretty good time just messing around and accomplishing virtually nothing.

Oh I LOVE using Windows. I wish I could use it EVERY DAY! ALL THE TIME!!

<<mumbling under breath>>Stupid Microsoft...

Apparently my has been delivered. This would be really awesome if I was home to get it.

This is my biggest complaint about this laptop. I'm not sure the battery on the X1 Carbon is something that can be swapped out (easily). I might have to look into it though, especially if @PINE64 doesn't ship me out my here soon!

I haven't done a for a while, so here's a VM I'm using for the blog post I'll probably publish later tonight.

I woke up this morning to this (work computer) and an announcement that they're doing a 10% workforce reduction at my company. So, today has been great.

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