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Just so you know.

Arizona Wildlife 

Just had a bit of excitement. My wife was out in our garage (which is a complete disaster area) looking for something, and I was upstairs browsing , when I heard a horror movie style scream come from the garage. My wife comes ripping into the house like she's being chased. She says there's a scorpion in our garage that was 2 or 3 inches long. I put on shoes cuz scorpion, duh. I quickly found our perpetrator. Not a scorpion. This isn't the actual lizard, but looks close.

Have you seen this message?

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This message will appear above your post's text entry box if you're creating or responding to a "Followers-only" message. It's just trying to tell you that only your followers will see this post, but anybody can follow you.

Crazy. Those was 4 years ago. Shelves stocked with Pis at my local Fry's Electronics. Joe that store is permanently closed and there's not a Pi to be found, even on the Internet.


This is how I feel every damn time a new vulnerability is discovered. I'm right back where I was, and it's not where I want to be.

I haven't done a for a while. This one isn't super interesting, but I've been pretty bland for a while now. Maybe I'll have something more exciting next time.

I used to not have an opinion on . I'm old and never bothered to look at it myself. Then my youngest daughter found it and fell in love with it. Now, I quite literally hate TikTok. It's like someone took the worst parts of and made a new app out of just that garbage.

Me: We've been experiencing intermittent issues from one of your services.

Tech: OK, we restarted the service. Is it working now?

Me: Yes, it's working, but it's been intermittent, so we don't know if it's fixed.

Tech: OK.

5 minutes later....

Tech: Is it fixed?

Me: Well, it's working, but it's only been five minutes so we don't know if it's fixed.

Tech: OK.

5 minutes later.....

Tech: Is this issue resolved?

Me: ......

Tangentially political 

I don't want this to be a political post. This is just a testament to the strength of the Fediverse. New instances can join, drop, or any combination of the two, and it doesn't impact the Fed at large. Being a distributed social network means that one node of that network can experience catastrophic failure and it will have no impact on the rest of the network.

Just rebuilt my with the KDE image instead of the version. Of course, the first thing I did after that was install . Honestly, it works really slick. Even the GUI works for the most part. My biggest complaint is the speed. I might as well put the order in for the right now.

I don't think I've posted this one before, but since I don't have anything new and interesting for , here's one from April of 2012. It's pre-Cinnamon :linuxmint:.

Just got an offer for an entry level call center job. You know, assuming I have this small list of skills already. If I do, they'll be willing to let me work there.

🙄 😆 😂 🤨

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