FedEx says my Steam Deck should be here tomorrow. I don't foresee much actual work getting done after it arrives.

@mike I’m jelly. Waiting on that email as my order should be pushed up based on the last communication. Upgraded in hand ready to go! LoL

@mike Hope they don't delay it a day or two like when mine shipped back in June.

@mike lucky I want that thing asap. Can't afford it sadly. I will keep dreaming of it until I can 😭

@mike I bought a 2ds last week.

Been a few days since I did any non-work-related coding :P

@mike that's exciting!
You'll be posting on fosstodon from that dual thumb TouchPads in no time.

@shom As soon as I figure out how to get on the Internet from it, that'll be the first thing I do!

@mike mine came last month. It's been fun. I hardly got much done the day it came. Hehehe. Enjoy!

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