Five years of seems to have gone by so quickly, and in the time it's been here it's done so much more than @kev and I anticipated. Thank you everybody in the Fosstodon community who have helped make it more than we ever expected it could be!

@mike @kev it's been a great journey, congratulations guys

@mike @kev Happy birthday , thanks for this nice community. 👍

@mike @kev

Congratulations, and thanks for making @fosstodon such a welcoming place! 🎉

@mike @kev
So @fosstodon was only 7 months old when I joined?!

Congratulations on your 5th anniversary! 🎉🎊🎁🎂

Here's to another 5 years! ✌️😎

@RyuKurisu Yep, give or take a day or two. You've been around almost the whole time!

@kev @fosstodon

@mike @kev I'm relatively new ot Fosstodon but I've been really enjoying it.

@mike @kev offtopic: I love that you strive to keep it less than 512KB. I'm a bit confused why you load that 250KB of netlify js on each page though.

Ontopic: Congratz on this huge success! I think a good community is impossible without good leaders ... so I guess I'll return the favor here and say you both did a brilliant job!

@Anachron Ontopic: Thank you so much! We do our best and hope that we're doing right by our community.

Offtopic: Thanks for pointing that out actually. I wasn't aware they were doing that. it's not something that I intentionally loaded in myself. I think it's a "gift" they've included to "reward" me for using their service. I'm not thrilled with that, and I think I'm going to have to something else if they're going to sneak js in on the sly.


@mike @kev congratulations and happy anniversary! Thank you for all the time, blood, sweat and tears you've put into this over the years. 👍😃💤🦝🙏

@mike @kev Thanks to you two and other volunteers that help keep this great community runnng!

Congratulations!! And thanks for taking all of us along on the ride! You created something special by fostering a great spirit in the community and making this about ideals of sharing and caring -- and style, as the great stickers illustrate! :ac_happy:

@mike @kev thanks for all the effort! Have any buy-us-a-coffee-links?

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