Just finished upgrading on my to the latest from this weekend. Things seem to be humming along with no issues. This is still one of my favorite investments. Not speedy by any measure, but it does what I need it to do. I wonder when @PINE64 is going to do a PinebookPro2. Definitely going to be throwing more money their way if they give me a speedier device.

@mike @PINE64 I have the OG Pinebook. Is it worth an upgrade to pro or better waiting for an update to it? For the $99 I spent on it it has met every expectation just need a little more juice in the ride. 👍

@g-love Not sure. I've never used the OG version, so I don't have a frame of reference. I'm assuming that @PINE64 has plans for an updated version of the , but I don't know what those are or what the time frame we're talking about is. I assume if you're looking for more juice, the Pro version has some? If you're happy with the OG and without me knowing your use case, you're probably fine sticking with it until Pine64 comes out with new hotness.

@mike @PINE64 I wish I could get one too but they seem to be solled out basically all the time :/ At least I have a Pinephone, that's a rough and fantastic device @PINE64 makes :)

@gamey I don't really use mine as lot as I hoped, and I need to downsize my "unused computing inventory". Feel free to contact me for details :)

@gamey I have a PinePhone too, and I've kicked around the idea of the Pro, but I need to have an iPhone or an Android phone for work or they issue me one. I don't want to carry around two phones all the time, so I don't use the as a daily driver or anything. Because of that the is a little expensive for what I'd use it for. I also have a and a , and I'd love to get my hands on a in the near future. Do love the though.


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