Listening to one of our C level execs talking about a demonstration she received of some new AI/ML technology being developed in house.

"We walked through some of their AI/ML innovations, and they're true innovations."

This struck me as one of our highest level executives subtly admitting that normally when they use the word "innovation", it's really not.

"Innovation" has become a word that's so overused that it's virtually meaningless in today's market.

Got up. Innovated. Back to bed.

She followed that statement up with some historical facts. One of which was the observed anniversary of the first blood transfusion where a 15 year old kid was given sheep's blood, and Elizabeth Holmes was accused of fraud. She referred to both the sheep blood transfusion and Holmes's blood testing "technology" as "innovations".

@mike you should have a look at „The Myths of innovation“. A real classic from Scott Berkun published 2010… must read!

@mike that’s a bit sad to be honest… It shows how much out of touch you can get, and how dangerous a company exec can be if they want to follow in this “technology and innovation”.

@mike one of the orgs at our company named a team "The Innovation Team"

Apparently no other team in that org is allowed to do anything innovative

I accidentally innovated all over the floor :(

@mike and yet, the chances of this actually being an innovation instead of a standard use case for AI/ML? Probably still cool to solve the problem this way, and it probably looks novel to a C level exec, but this is possibly a case of a non-innovation. Or maybe I'm just overly skeptical of AI/ML claims.

@maplemuse I'm not directly familiar with it, so I can't be sure, but I don't know of my company working on any NEW AI/ML technology. I'd guess this is an "off the shelf" ML technology that we're running our particular data through to get results that are useful to us. Just as "innovative" as every other company doing exactly the same thing.

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