My eyes haven't gotten so bad that this is a requirement yet, but it's a nice feature that I like to see. I especially like that you can bind the UI zoom to different keyboard shortcuts than the page content, so you can zoom them independently of each other. I can see where this may be a very handy feature for me in the future.

@mike I never understood the love some FOSS advocates have for closed source browsers that rely on a web engine you can get in many FOSS alternatives.

@gamey I don't love that it's got closed source components. I'd much prefer the whole thing was open. Despite that, I still think it's the best browser for my own personal needs.

@mike @gamey My experience of on is similar. KDE gives me great control over , and Firefox honours those font choices in its UI (which is good, because I keep needing to increase them). Then Firefox has separate Ctrl+= and Ctrl+- hotkeys to zoom the page content in and out without affecting the UI.

@mike I obviously can't say anything against using whatever works best for you be that FOSS or not but I am curiouse about the advantages you see with Vivaldi. I use Firefox and I do realize that the Gecko engine ia facing issues that make it a worse choice in direct comparison but how is Vivaldi better than Brave, Ungoogled Chromium and Webkit browsers?

@gamey Vivaldi is the KDE of web browsers. It's configurable in almost every way imaginable, so I can truly make it my own. If there's another browser in existence that is more configurable, I don't know about it. It also has features like synchronized Reading Lists, a unique history feature, web panels, private integrated translation, etc. There's just so many features. Heck, it can sync smart bulbs to the color theme of the webpage you're visiting. I don't use that, but I could.

@mike @gamey last time I tried Vivaldi I liked it, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t have the container tabs feature that Firefox has (something I can’t live without anymore!)

@wilw Well, there are extensions like MultiLogin that do something similar. Whether it's a 1:1, I'm not sure without knowing your use case.


@mike @wilw I love those container tabs too, they isolate the site data which is just great!

@mike @wilw I mean I guess I get why you use Vivaldi now, not a motivation for me personally but definitely understandable :)

@mike @gamey yeah good point. Maybe I need to check out the extensions again!

@mike Ahh zooming in browsers are pretty standard and has been for many years. CTRL++ to increase and CTRL+- to decrease. CTRL+0 to reset to default.

@adamsdesk That's the actual content. Vivaldi allows assigning similar hotkeys to changing the zoom level of the actual UI of the browser as well without impacting the web content.

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