I recently got a new pair of glasses, and when I did the optometrist asked if I wanted the blue light filtering on the lenses to help with my sleep. I figured since I spend a great deal of time on the computer both professionally and as a hobby, it couldn't hurt. After I got them, I realized that I've gotten to an age where I have to take my glasses off to see close up. Sooooo, the filter only works when I'm not looking at my phone or computer? Didn't think that one through.

@mike or the age when you have to increase default font size, again :)....

@tychosoft Yea, Vivaldi is awesome for that because I just put the page zoom into the status bar and mouse wheel to adjust. :)

@mike I have automatic blue light filtering between sunset and sunrise on all my devices.

@me I've done that, but sometimes I don't like the color change. I thought this was going to be a better way (but not too hard or I would have realized that it wasn't).

@mike I realized that I've gotten to an age where I had to read your toot twice to get what you mean. No, I don't speak English natively, but this is still a veeery poor self excuse 😂

@mike My understanding is having blue light filter on glasses is not necessary unless you are experiencing issues related to blue light. Its also not good to filter all the time. Saying this I have nothing to reference to confirm these claims.

@mike Isn't the whole blue light thing not even scientifically proven to be a problem? I have my phone go black and white at 22, but that's more a reminder that it's time to go and read a bit and go to bed.

@mike Actually, it might help while on rooms that use fluorescent lights and stuff. I bought a pair of glasses just for having that blue light filtering (I don't need glasses and I use them arbitrarily) and whenever I use them I feel my eyes notably more rested.
I use them while watching television and I have tried them on the cinema and I can't recommend them enough

@mike that age only lasts a few years, then you'll need glasses for stuff up close too. Probably.

@Corvus Feel like I should just get myself a pair of Progressives and accept my fate.

@mike @brandon Since my early 30s I've had two pairs of glasses. The full-strength ones for distance vision, that I mostly only wear when driving or otherwise going out. And somewhat weaker ones, which are ideal for books and screens, that I wear at home.

This is a fairly common thing to do and any optometrist should be willing to prescribe it.

@tulpa So far I just have the one pair that I wear for anything farther away than arms distance. It used to be that I just left those on all the time and it was no big deal. Now I need to take them off to read. Books and screens I can read uncorrected. In fact, I NEED to otherwise things are blurry.


@mike @brandon Your eyes are better than mine for sure. When I'm out somewhere with my distance glasses on and I want to look at my phone, I find myself holding it far away like a grandma.

@tulpa My wife has that problem too. Her last pair of glasses were "Progressives", which are really just bifocals without the conspicuous line in them, but she found they still weren't great for her to read with. Now she just uses her regular glasses for distance and has a cheap pair of reading glasses from the dollar store for books and screens.


@mike I have those progressives as well. The idea sounds nice, but I find them horrible to use especially with computer screens. The problem is that nothing is square. It's like wobbly windows in analog.

I need to get new ones soon and those will be straight bifocals - close focus for reading, far for everything else.
@tulpa @brandon

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