5.3 was recently released, and there's some very welcome additions to toolbar customization. It lets me simplify my UI even further while still keeping the functionality I want. It also lets me add Command Chains to toolbars. I haven't used Command Chains much beyond a quick test or two and never looking back. It seems like they're becoming a useful feature for automation. I'm going to have to take another look I guess. Not fully FOSS, but it's my go to browser.

@mike i use vivaldi as my main and tor with duck duck go onion as my secondary for suprema anonimity. I like them both. The translation features dope

@mike same, but this is the first time I hear about Command Chains.

Something I might want to look into some day ✌️😊

@RyuKurisu Yea, I should spend some time with them. They seem like they could be really cool. Auto-casting video to a larger display when playing on a particular site seems like it's a doable option.

@mike I just started to work with stacks and tiled tabs :ablobcatheart:
I simply can't go back to Firefox without overcoming this big hurdle.

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