In honor of the new year, here's looking back at my desktop from 10 years ago and how it compares to today.

Post 2 of the 2022 Series.

@mike I wish I made screenshots of my systems, they would be radically different today, then 10 or 15 years ago.

@parasurv @mike yeah I was thinking exactly the same. I actually only started keeping screenshots 6 years ago. Mostly because it was the only form of documentation at $new_ork a fact which I really hated at the time.

@fedops I actually have some that are much older. I didn't take screen shots that often then and I didn't keep them all unfortunately, so the selection is pretty sparse.


@mike @parasurv I sometimes think it would be nest to recreate the desktops of old. A lot of that stuff is still around, like CDE or OpenStep, or even OpenWindows and twm (Tom's Window Manager, 33 years of development!).

@mike wow, can't believe you actually had a screenshot of your 10 year ago desktop.

@Cambria If I remember correctly, it's Mint with Gnome3 (pre-Cinnamon days).

@mike I'm curious to see if I can find any of my screenshots c. 2007-2009. I used to post them online frequently but I also deleted some of those online accounts.

@mike and yes I was able to find my old desktop from 2007. My, how icons have changed over the years. No overly simplified circles to denote each application. Sorry for the low resolution.

@mike I was still using windows when computers looked like this. Reminds me of windows 95 quite a bit.

@sf @mike I remember that icon pack! No name though, but it was very popular back then.

@mike that 2012 desktop looking fresher than most people in 2022


Mine would look exactly the same, indeed Its looked exactly the same since 2007ish. DWM with no background or widgets. I love black screens covered in windows of text.

#dwm #dwm4life

@mike I love how your 10-year-old wallpaper was a Skyrim logo. Because I can't believe Skyrim is that old now.

@tulpa Oh yea, though it was pretty new at the time if I remember correctly. I still play that game on occasion!

@mike mine would be gnome 3.6 vs gnome 41.... I guess at least the wallpaper would have changed

I like the vives of the 2012 one 😋. Also, more screen real state

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