I’ve realized I’m in a FOSS space, but I probably won’t talk that much about FOSS. Did I Mastodon wrong?


@bjhess "Wrong" may be overstating it, but this is a community of enthusiasts. We don't require all posts made to be about FOSS, but if it's not a subject you're going to bring up terribly often then another instance may be a better fit for you. We don't want to chase you away, but if you feel like you'd fit better elsewhere we won't take it personally.

@mike thanks! I’ll play along for a bit, but if I’m feeling out of place it looks like Mastodon makes it somewhat straightforward to move along.

@bjhess Sounds like a plan. Moving from one instance to another has gotten relatively easy as of late. You can move over your followers and all that jazz and have people who have been following you automatically moved over to the other account. The only thing I'd caution against is deleting the old account. If you ever want to come back for ANY reason, once an account is deleted, it's GONE. Not even the admins can bring it back. Ever.

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