We are planning to move our Mastodon account to another server: #Fosstodon You can follow it now: @funkwhale

Boosts are very welcome :)

@funkwhale@mastodon.eliotberriot.com @funkwhale@fosstodon.org

Why ? I thought funkwhale was about freedom ... those guys are not the most open minded ...

@mcread Hi, thanks for the feedback! We are not aware of any issues with fosstodon. The Code of Conduct they have seems to be alright, can you elaborate how they are not open minded?



They filter adult content ( which is good ) but also outright block servers without reason.

I guess it is your choice, just a matter of principle, the federation should federate ..


@mcread There are some instances that blocks as an instance. Those decisions are not made by individuals. Our moderation team decides them as a group. You can rest assured, if an instance gets blocked, it's not for no reason. It may be for a reason you don't personally agree with, but a reason none the less. Our team is available for questions if you have them.


@mike @funkwhale

Thanks for the feedback . I understand your arguments, I just don't agree with them though.

@mike @funkwhale

The premise of these bans is all wrong in the first place, if the content is questionable, the solution is not to ban the source of it, because this will just create distortion bubbles , where this kind of content is heavily emphasized and gets no counter winds ... this is how perception problems get accentuated . It's not by accident we have that saying: " keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer "

@mcread Yes, Funkwhale is about freedom. And our understanding of freedom is that everyone needs to be protected against harassment and hate. And therefore blocking instances is a totally legit tool and we fully disagree with your opinion here and we are not open for discussions about this.


@funkwhale @mike

ok . crystal clear.

"freedom for some" never worked, and never will but you're free to try again and again.

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