I haven't done a for a while. This one isn't super interesting, but I've been pretty bland for a while now. Maybe I'll have something more exciting next time.

@mike im thinking of installing zorin on computer #4

#1 - broken, might turn into a desktop later
#2 - read #1
#3 - works, haven't used it in a while
#4 - works, had a couple bsods in the past, thinking of installing linux on it
#5 - my regular computer

@TheFreePenguin Either is good. I have a X1 Carbon with :zorin: and a with :manjaro:. Both a really good distros.


@mike @GirthyChode are you able to transfer the contents from your laptop into a pc case?

@GirthyChode @mike I have two laptops that I want to transform (computers #1 and #2). I want to get a PC case and move the MoBo, HDD, and stuff to the PC case

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