My daughter and her classmate were trying to figure out who was "smarter" by trying to stump each other with basic division, which they just started learning in school.

D: What's 1/1?
F: 1! What's 2/1?
D: 2! What's 10/1?
F: That's easy! 10!
Me walking by: What's 1/0?
D: 1!
Me: Nope.
F: 0!
Me: Nope.

It's been 25 minutes now, and they're still whispering back and forth to themselves trying to figure it out. 😆

@mike Once they give up, you can tell them that nobody knows (undefined)

It would be great in teaching them that sometimes not knowing the answer is the smartest thing to do

@mike And years later you can get them again by asking "Which is bigger, 1/0 or 1.0/0?"

@mike Give them a sheet of paper and tell them to divide it into zero pieces.

@mike you monster 😂😅. Perhaps the next question is 0/1 and then the one after that is 0/0

@Mehrad @mike 0/0 should be 1, right? or wait no... stupid question, or actually, what the fuck


It kinda feels like Schrödinger‘s cat situation. The answer to 0/0 might be 0 (similar to 0/2), or infinity (2/0), or “indeterminate” depending on who answers the question. The latter is so far the mathematically correct one. Now here is the response of Siri when I asked her that question



Hasn't @kev just written a blog post about Linux elitism ?

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