My kids' school district is selling old hardware they're referring to as "Chromebooks", but upon further inspection they say those Chromebooks are Lenovo 11e PCs with ChromeOS installed on them. I requested 4 (it's a lottery so I don't know if I'll get all 4 or any at all), but I'm not super familiar with that hardware. There seems to be a ThinkPad 11e and a Yoga 11e. Anybody have any prior experience with these devices?

@sheogorath Me too. Seems like they'd be good devices to have around the house. Even if the kids never touch them again, I can find a use for them. ChromeOS is going to have to go though.

@mike Given that ChromeOS is running on them this should be nice and easy with good Linux support. (Unless the school locked the BIOS down and didn't reset it 👀)

By the way, what I love about the description is that they usually talk about how thinkpads are used in tough environments like Military or on building sites but here it's "students and school environments" and honestly speaking, I think the latter is tougher to survive :D

New benchmark: 30 days among a class of 2nd grade students.

@mike hmm, can you show some pics of em? Just to be sure of exactly what model they are.

@sweaterphant Unfortunately not. They used a generic "laptop" image from the Internet, not a picture of one of the actual devices.

@mike ThinkPad 11e Chromebook is still a Chromebook. Compared to standard 11e, it got a different keyboard without track point (which Google did not allow on Chromebooks), and core boot instead of Lenovo bios.

@mike oh well and a small SSD and removed SATA connectors vs 320 GB HDD in the Windows models

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