I used to not have an opinion on . I'm old and never bothered to look at it myself. Then my youngest daughter found it and fell in love with it. Now, I quite literally hate TikTok. It's like someone took the worst parts of and made a new app out of just that garbage.

@mike please, go ahead and unplug the camera module of her phone asap :blobcatderpy:

@mike it really is the worst. Any value that might come from it is more than offset by the utter garbage that is fed to you by its aggressive algorithm.

@mike there is a severe lack of creativity too. Just repeats and rehashes of the same few concepts. With the limited format, there's not much you can do which is why it's so popular. I don't see it lasting long. Just another fad like snapchat and vine.

@mike not having kids I'm completely oblivious to tiktok and instagram. And that's just great. 😁

@mike The crossposted things from TikTok to Twitter are awful. Very similarly awful to the things crossposted from Instagram.

But I also read stupid memes from groups of the local Facebook clone in my childhood, so I can't blame anyone, who watches stupid memes from TikTok now. It's just you have to move on someday and do some other things, that are more interesting.

@mike And, if that wasn’t bad enough:

… ByteDance CEO Zhang Yiming has stated on the record that he will ensure his products serve to promote the CCP’s propaganda agenda…

Source: US State Dept funded ASPI report

@mike it's just more of the endless scrolling, except even more of a dopamine hit than facebook/instagram/twitter, because you are just watching "cool" videos. It's actually really sad people don't realize how addicted they are and that addiction is the entire business model of tiktok, even more so than the aforementioned social media giants.

@pyre35 @mike
That's it exactly. Smartphones give us the world at our fingertips. Anything and everything available whenever we need it. But, that created generations of people addicted to instant gratification. They binge one thing — a season of a series, or the latest fad — until they tire of it, but the addiction hungers for more.

When I was younger, the gratification came from waiting a day, or a whole week, to find out what happened.

Even its stupid logo annoys me. I'm older than you and my eyesight 's not what it used to be. The chromatic fringing on the logo makes me think my sight is even worse than it is.
I keep telling my daughter to stop sending me clips from it but to no avail.

@MurrayWindripper Right? The logo reminds me of those old "3D" movies with the red and blue glasses. Gives me a headache looking at it.

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