Me: We've been experiencing intermittent issues from one of your services.

Tech: OK, we restarted the service. Is it working now?

Me: Yes, it's working, but it's been intermittent, so we don't know if it's fixed.

Tech: OK.

5 minutes later....

Tech: Is it fixed?

Me: Well, it's working, but it's only been five minutes so we don't know if it's fixed.

Tech: OK.

5 minutes later.....

Tech: Is this issue resolved?

Me: ......

@RyuKurisu In case anybody is interested, the answer is "No", the issue was not resolved.

@mike @RyuKurisu Alas, it seldom is with a restart, in my experience -- (with the exception of memory leaks and preventive cron scheduled restarts :-P (it is so good to not have to deal with this kind of error handling anymore))

@levi @mike intermittent issues are the worst thing to try to support. I had an intermittent issue with my OG Pixel shutting down without warning. Warranty people just kept sending the device back "no issues detected".

Eventually, they decided it was simpler to refund my two year old phone than to fix it.

@mike In my telecom / networking days these types of discussions with ISPs were incredibly infuriating.

There's probably some bean counter somewhere pushing these poor guys to close calls as fast as possible rather than focusing on solving the problem. This kills the help desk.

@mike When I used to work in Telecommunication company the worst issues I could ever have were "intermittency" and "network performance". I used to prefer the network to be directly down instead.


Yeah, usual problem when I try to get the car repairman to fix my blinkers...

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