@benjaminpaikjones Probably sticking with stock. I use my personal phone for work and they've got a pretty strict device management policy. If I don't use my personal device, they issue me a work device and I have to carry around two phones. I don't really want to do that.

@mike Mine will arrive some day in the next 2 months... I think.

@mike I like what they did with the camera row on this phone. Much more comfortable when laying on a table than the competition’s camera bumps. I don’t know whether that’s comfortable to hold in the hand though.

@Crocmagnon I've only had it for a short while, but so far it's feeling pretty good. The phone itself is almost slick it's so smooth, but in the "Google Case" it's fine. It's got some pretty good heft to it too.

@mike Oh no way, I've wanted to try one with GrapheneOS.

@adamsdesk Well, for work I need to carry a phone that meets our device standards as defined by our corporate IT. If I go outside stock Android, they issue me a phone and I have to carry around 2. It kind of defeats the purpose of going to with a non-Googled Android.

@mike I suppose so. Granted if they don't pay you for being on call I'd turn the work phone off or put it in a faraday bag.

@adamsdesk It's more one of those where they don't pay you to be on call, it's part of your job duties and they fire you if you don't answer the phone.

@mike Wow I hope that is only during work hours. However I understand.

@adamsdesk Heh, nope. We're two weeks on two weeks off. 24/7.

@TheFreePenguin Heh, in the Android market, Google's going to spy. It's just a question of who else you want spying on you. Apple market is much the same. The only real difference is Google admits openly they're spying on you. Apple pretends they're not.

@mike @TheFreePenguin I certainly do prefer my evil corporations when they're honest about being evil.

I also like Skeletor for similar reasons.

@mike what if you use a rooted lineageos phone with only f-droid?

@TheFreePenguin Then corporate IT would not allow me to use any corporate resources and I'd be forced to carry two phones, one with Lineage, one with a standard Google Android. Probably a Samsung phone which would mean all my activity would still be being tracked by Google, and also by Samsung. Net loss in my book.

@mike why doesn't corporate like rooted lineageos phones?

@TheFreePenguin It's not that they have something against Lineage phones or something. They just do internal testing and whitelist the options they've tested. Everything else gets denied. I've even had issues with the Google phones because they get updated too quickly, and the newer versions of the OS haven't been approved yet. Theoretically I could petition for Lineage to get tested, but in practice it would probably be denied because they're not going to want to expend the resources to test.

@TheFreePenguin Maybe, but Pharmaceutical seem to tend towards controlling.

@mike @TheFreePenguin all three of them are owned by the same people. Vanguard Corp, Black Rock, and State Street.
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