Seems like an interesting effort. Rather US-centric, but still a good place to start.

@mike I bet this is an URL facebook will put on it's zap-list fairly quick

@mike Realistically though the majority of Facebook users don't give a shit though because Facebook has supplanted everything else as a way to communicate.

@rmgr I don't think you're wrong, but I do think that the majority of users would be happy to have a more privacy respecting version of Facebook rather than having one constantly trying to milk them for every cent they have.

I finally pulled the trigger on deleting my Hatebook account the other day. I don't know why I delayed for so long, considering I stopped using it years ago.

I stopped after my second brother-in-law verbally assaulted me on there.

@TheDefiant604 Understand. I still technically have one, and it saw a good deal of use earlier this year when my mom passed to communicate with family and friends to coordinate stuff, but that's been the last time I've used it. I don't mind it sitting idle. It says right there in my profile, if you REALLY want to reach me try email or Mastodon.

@mike I thought about keeping it, because a mobile game I sometimes play backs up its data there, in case I change phones, but I don't play that game enough to warrant keeping my account.

If my sisters need to get a hold of me, my phone number will most likely never change. But, I doubt they'll ever need me... Either that, or their husbands won't let them contact me.

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