I see people mentioning in the timeline that and are down? Weird. I didn't notice.

@mike On a federated server that has a lot of privacy focused users, their celebrating the demise (even if only temporary) of Facebook is a shock to me. A shock I say!

@mike If I needed to be constantly reminded of these things, I'd have used their platforms.

@Tay0 @mike I just read on ZDNet that FB employees' smart badges aren't working right now either. 🤣

@mike This! (Although, unfortunately, it’s kind of all over the news.)


Now is the time for MySpace to rise again! Lol


Small improvements @mike, now we need more action to ensure it stays down and out of everyone's life.

@mike Well, I did. I couldn't even use my messaging tool yesterday for some time. The only thing that was working for me to text someone was Signal Messenger.

Looks like many services suffered from collateral damage as the many non fulfilled request from millions (maybe even billions) of users completely took down some DNS.
My WAN-connection was marked as non working even though data was flowing. My phone went berserk O.o
So yes, I totally had problems without having any Facebook product.

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