Day 32 of the 2021 Series:

Just watched Free Guy, and it got me thinking of AI and ethics and other weird stuff. I'm not a philosopher by any stretch of the imagination, so maybe this all sounds stupid. I don't know. Ignore me if it does.


A. I loved the film, so many Easter Eggs, especially loved the bit where the player in the background was just jumping and then glitched getting stuck in a wall.

B. I think it kinda highlighted the difference in morality & ethics of how we as humans behave in IRL and Online - the difference in punching randomers in the face for example, including Guy's take on it.

C. Apply the film's context to 'simulation theory' is our 'real world' world that much different ?

@Jase @mike I also enjoyed the film. I kept thinking that they wouldn’t be in the situation at all if the servers weren’t centralized

@mike for what little it is worth. I am a philosopher and loved your branching out into a new line of inquiry with your blog. A thought provoking and enjoyable read.

Also one of the benefits to #100DaysToOffload, the relentless need for content forces us to stray from our comfort zone.

@mike It is important to realize that npcs in a game world only superficially look like humans. Just because a being is as intelligent as us does not mean that it thinks like us.
What we would consider as terrible might be great to the virtual being. There could be a very big difference in the things they would consider important for their lives compared to humans.
The Orion's Arm collective fiction worlds talks a lot about artificial intelligences I think so you may want to look into that.

@Zach777 That's an interesting point which raises more questions. I would expect AIs in general to be very different from people, but NPCs are a specific kind of AI. They're specifically designed to look and act like people. They have backstories a normal person could have. A truly great artificially intelligent NPC would actually think it was human, and would act accordingly. It stands to reason we'd make them that way to perform their task. I'll definitely check out Orion's Arm though. Thanks!

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