This is an interesting little device. I like the IDEA of this, but I don't like the "Amazoniness" of it. It quite literally lets Amazon follow you around your house.

A roving assistant with security cameras patrolling your house when you're not home sounds great. Just so long as Amazon isn't taking stock of my stuff so it knows what to sell me.

@mike Just remember, amazon doesn't do *anything* that isn't contributing to making Bezos richer. Any benefit to the consumer is a side-effect at best.

@mike ...or relinquishing control to authorities to search your house illegally (maybe not YOUR house, but you know). There are many precedents (most famous, the Nest stuff).

Not to mention, the possibility of it getting hacked.

I thought the same. A great gift for a tech savvy burglar, who can inventory your home (or at least the ground floor) before making of with your possessions including the damned robotic accomplice.

I have Alexa devices in the house. Know they're spying. Privacy is shot. I constantly salt it with BS political crap. Cameras even worse. The assault on personal privacy won't stop. Big brother invades ur home with each technological invention. Do the benefits outweigh the security? @mike

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