It's weird seeing my old hometown in the news. I used to live in Joplin, and to say it's not a booming metropolis is an understatement. There are several small towns there that line the rails, and most of them have populations in the hundreds. There were almost as many people on that train as lived in Joplin itself. Crazy seeing it in the news so much.


Joplin had a derailment ?
Which version ?
Is that the price of not being properly packaged in Debian ?


@Iutech I'm sure there's a joke in here about branching since the prevailing hypothesis at this time is that the derailment had to do with the line switch, but I'm still working on my for the morning and my brain just isn't putting it together.


Joplin is a (quite good imho) note-taking application, and frankly appart from Janis the only Joplin I knew before your mention of the derailment...

@Iutech Well, having lived in the tiny Montana version of Joplin, I was previously familiar with the larger Missouri version of Joplin, which is still not a huge place. I was of course familiar with Janis and the note-taking app (which I also use). I also play the piano, and like pretty much everybody who plays the piano at some point in their lives, I learned The Entertainer by Scott Joplin, so there's him. That's pretty much all I've got though.

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