Do you agree:

"The company cares about their employees health and well-being"

No, if they did I wouldn't have less than 30 minutes of non-meeting time between 10:30 in the morning and 2:00 in the afternoon. When exactly the hell am I supposed to eat?

@mike very often it is not "the company" ... it's my colleagues and managers ... I call them to re-schedule or decline with a polite comment regarding the German work law and company regulations ... in some cases it is very urgent and then I decline or postpone the following meeting .... these are the downsides of Corona-Home-Office

@mrksj I can see your point, but I also think there's something in the company culture that reinforces this behavior. We have so many meetings that people are just trying to cram them in where ever there's space on the calendar. My next noon meeting is was scheduled by my boss's boss's boss.

Wishing I had some German work law to back me up.


@mrksj There's also people that just don't use the information they have available to them. A great example of that happened this morning where a very helpful woman I talked to during an on-call event two days ago checked back in to see if my issue was resolved. We work for the same company, so my time zone is part of my profile which is attached to the ticket. She still called me a 5:52 this morning. I've had meetings scheduled like that too. Those I outright decline.

@mike I see and I experience the same ... seems we are the good ones that know how to use all the meta information :D ... and about the bosses bosses boss ... they are the really poor guys (not money-wise) because that's often their daily business

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