"I can try new things even if they lead to occasional mistakes"

HELL no. Are you kidding me??

I do that ALL of the time. Sometimes it even works!

@Tay0 Where I work, we have three environments. A development server, at test server, and our production servers.

Our development server is what's used by our developers to actually develop stuff, which for ME makes it production.

Our test server is what's used by our QA/QE teams to test stuff, which for ME makes it production.

Our production servers are used to host our production stuff, which for me makes it production.

Nowhere in there am I allowed to try new things.

I get that. I have some luxuries that others don't. Even if I do screw up and a million people lose power, no big deal.😃

I would be one if your users that you're tasked with keeping up and running.

@mike same, but I do have my own dev & test environment besides that. What gets developed there and checks out OK gets moved to the production environments.

@mike @Tay0 we have test, acceptance and production. Devs deploy to all of those but I will use test for my experiments, acceptance to verify my run books and production I try to not break :)
Acceptance is the pre prod environment that everyone uses to verify so I’ll treat it like pro, nice rehearsal area. But can and will break it from time to time.

Try to get your own experimental environment I’d say, if the devs can’t live without test.

@mike this is one of my least favorite questions on those technical survey things because they always assume that new things cause mistakes. It's either a question like that or something like "I'll try out new software even if it's risky". How about like "I'll read through documentation and study new X thing before bringing it to a senior dev to get blown off and ridiculed by the ancient ones causing me to eventually quit because the code is shit." Yeah, that sounds more realistic.

@mike Also, I've just had a lot of those experiences and I'm not directing any of that at you lol. The questions on those surveys are usually pretty stupid, as I've seen you mention

@kennethdodrill My least favorite is the "Do you feel you can complain without fear of repercussions?"

The answer is either yes, because you don't fear repercussions, or it's yes because you're sure as hell not going to say no if you want to keep your job.

@mike @kennethdodrill

Aren’t these kinds of surveys usually anonymous? They are at my job (I literally just took one of these last week). You should be able to answer “no” without them knowing it was you saying that.

@danjones000 Not to be all paranoid, but yes they're anonymous. Just please enter your employee ID number so "we can track who has filled out the survey".


@mike @danjones000 I would usually fill in generic default answers...except for at my last job. I detailed out how the CEO make me feel like shit, and I got a Christmas letter from him apologizing for everything in that supposedly anon survey lol...

@kennethdodrill @mike I don’t know if I would be grateful for the apology, or upset at the lie about anonymity.

@danjones000 @mike Yeah, it was confusing. I quit a few months later because his Christmas nicety quickly faded.

@mike yeah that's a weird one. work drama and cliques (which unfortunately are a reality) really make it a lot harder to answer that as well, especially when you're new to the company or new as a developer.

@mike HR is always totally out of touch with the reality of the employees

@mike what is this question about? You feeling save to make mistakes? And come clean about them? Because that is a very important cultural thing in the long run. The only way to really learn from mistakes.

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