@kev Well, this will really drive it home then. If someone asked me to list ten "trendy, exotic-sounding first names" for men, "Kevin" wouldn't make my list. Though, in fairness, it's still leagues better than "Mike".

I'm not sharing my first or middle name. They are the anglicized version of the otherwise cool sounding first names of my Dutch grandfathers and are why I go by a nickname. I don't share either of them unless I absolutely have to.

@Tay0 @mike @kev well now I'm curious! total wild guess ... Henry Matthew?

My stock answer will always be that I cannot confirm nor deny that those are my names.😃

True Duchies may have an unfair advantage based on the name I use here for one of them.
@mike @kev


For your information, that's not a thing only in Germany.
Here in France we say more "a jean-kevin" than "a kevin" but it's more or less the same meaning : youngsters (well, not so young now) whose parents were TV-addicts who thought "cool" to name their child from some TV cheap soap-opera...

@mike @Tay0

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